An Ultimate Guide to Influencer Boxes

James Clark November 17, 2022

In spite of what Instagram may tell you, influencer marketing is an old trick in the advertising playbook. Social media influencers from all over the world are shiny and new. It was Josiah Wedgwood, however, who used influential ways to market his products. He elevated his business and art because he was an authorized craftsman for Queen Charlotte. 

He instantly became a celebrity when he branded his work “Queensware.”. Queen Elizabeth herself endorsed his work, making him rich. To make sure Queen Charlotte saw Wedgwood’s pottery, he may have yet to send her a carefully curated influencer box. To get their products in front of massive followings on social media, modern marketers take this approach. How do influencer boxes work? Can your small business benefit from an influencer box strategy?

Influencer boxes: what are they?

In addition to serving as a promotional mailing, influencer packs come with goodies intended to entice people to share a sender’s content on the internet. Influencer packs are usually sent to people who are trustworthy with their followers, such as influencers with large online audiences. 

Survey results from 2019 show that trust plays a direct role in the decision to purchase something for 81% of respondents. Even so, only one-third report trusting the brand itself. Here is what I want to say again. Only one-third of those trust the brand they’re buying from when they say trust affects their buying decision. Trust is hugely lacking! 

Having someone you already trust champion your cause can easily bridge the trust gap. Influencer marketing is a great solution to this problem. Influencer marketing takes place in some ways. Partnering with online stars is an effective way to build trust and delight their audience. It can be through sponsored content or sharing or long-term alliances and guest hosting. 

Sending an influencer box is the most fun way to get into influencer marketing. A custom box allows you to provide the recipient with a unique brand experience. Thus, they could post a video or image to their followers to show the unboxing. You can start planning with these five ideas.

Here are five tips to help you create a custom influencer box

1.     A free preview of our products

What new products are you going to launch? Introducing influencer packs to your marketing plan is the perfect time for new products. Put it with products already on hand, in a themed box, or alone. When launching a tea blend for the nighttime, you might add a mug, cosy socks, or even a luxurious mask that would make people want to try it.

Make sure you include a note explaining when and where people can get your new product once it’s available in your influencer packs.

2.     Night in with a movie

When a new release is available, Netflix sends custom influencer packs to create hype. The movie’s carnival-themed themed boxes were sent to stars around the world when Kissing Booth 2 was released last year.  As the star of your night, your product sets the tone for an evening at home. Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to selecting movies that align with your business. 

Also, you can include suggestions for curating a girls’ night movie playlist along with a new nail polish line if you have one coming out. A win-win situation!

3.     What your clients enjoy most

Is micro-influencer marketing something you’re considering? Your product will benefit greatly from their promotion. The box should be specific to their picks based on what you learn about them. Also, during the launch of a book, I have seen authors do this. It includes the book itself and items the recipient casually mentions, such as a notebook or pen that the recipient likes.  To sum it up, influencer packs make sense as they align your products with the gifts your client is likely to pick.

4.     The things you love the most

Alternatively, you could send your favorite things and your product in an influencer box full of favorite things! In recent months, Olive & June nail polish has done exactly that by teaming up with Megababe. Also, a special edition box included their favorite products, as well as their signature items, together in one box, available to anyone. As a lead-up to the release day, they sent the rigid boxes to influencers big and small. 

5.     Boxes for the season

To learn about influencer marketing using the traditional calendar, you don’t need a new product to start. Also, your influencer box can center around the best season or holiday. It can take place to coincide with a vital event on their calendar, their favorite season, or one of their favorite holidays. 

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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