Charity Jar Custom Display Boxes & Table Standee

Daniel Novosel February 18, 2019

Last week we completed another important project, that we feel very proud and grateful to be part of. It’s not because of the size or the cost of the project, but because of the nature of this project. 

Client wanted us to make Custom Display Boxes to promote their charity app. This is a simple Tuck Top Box and its purpose was to just display it on counters & shelves.

Before I further describe what the project was and how we completed it within the given time limit and requirements, let me first explain What is Charity Jar and What is their mission?

What is charity Jar?

Charity Jar’s mission is to increase worldwide philanthropy. Charity Jar is basically a simple platform that will help you turn simple actions into an extraordinary impact.

Charity Jar is a health app through which you can earn money for charity by simply walking or doing your Day-to-day things or activities. It’s like helping others while helping yourself.

How to use Charity Jar app?

Charity Jar Logo

Just simply sign up to the app, start walking or just do all your day-to-day activities and Charity Jar will count your steps and convert them into a donation, that will be given to your-pre defined charity.


  • There are 1.5 million charities available to choose from within the App.
  • You can create or join a group with friends and family to donate to a shared charity.
  • You can Share your progress with your friends through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Donations will be debited monthly through our secure payment processor.
  • And more features are coming soon.

It just seems to be a win-win-win all around. Don’t wait, join the community today!

I think now you have a very clear idea about Charity Jar and their mission. What Charity Jar wanted from Blue Box Packaging was to make Custom Display Boxes with their logo and company information on it.

Their purpose for these Boxes was to give awareness and to market the app by just displaying the boxes to different locations.

Custom Display Boxes Requirements

Requirements for Charity Jar Display Boxes were very simple.

Style: Reverse tuck boxes
Dimensions of boxes: 5H x 3W x 3L in inches
Total quantity in boxes: 150 boxes
Stock: 12pt cardboard
Colors: Full / 4 Color printing
UV (ultra-violet): Full UV

What we offer

Design: Free design support
Shipping: Free shipping in 8-10 business days after approval
3D Mockup: A free 3D mockup of the finished product

Planning & Approval

After getting the requirements, we submitted them to our planning team to ensure projects accuracy and 100% results. The planning team then created a plan to initiate the project with the coordination of the sales team and the CEO of the company.

The plan was then shared with the client and they were very happy with our process. After the client’s approval, the 2nd phase of the plan starts, that is Design of the product.

Design Of Boxes

Since we were responsible for the design and of course it was free of cost, we did our best to come up with a creative and eye catching design.

The design team started working on the design and completed it in following steps.

1- Sketch Of the Display Boxes

First step that is creating the sketch of the box, was very critical, because it’s going to be the foundation of the finished display boxes. The design team carefully crafted the sketch of the box while keeping the right dimensions in mind.


2- Images, Content & Color Scheme

After the approval of the sketch with the right dimensions, the design team started working on the Content, images and color scheme of the display boxes. This image includes the design of all 6 sides of the box.

We did not design the logo. The logo, images and content were given by the client.


After combing the sketch image and this one we have the complete initial design image.


To reach this far, the design team used “Photoshop” the best graphic design software. The available tools and easy to use functionality of the software makes everything easy for graphic designers.

Now we took a printout and sent it to the Q/A team. After the approval of the Q/A team we sent the design to the Charity Jar team for their approval.

3- 3D Mockup Of the Display Boxes

After getting approval from all the departments and from the client as well, the design team started making the 3D Mockup of the display boxes. The 3D Mockup was created with Auto Desk Maya software and the final result was like this.

Blue box Packaging_Charityjar_MockUp_02

Production Of The Boxes

After the design was approved it was sent to our production department. The production department the created a plan to execute the design successfully. The production of the was completed in following steps.

  • The first step in production is creating positive and plates.
  • Next the positives were sent to the die-cut department and plates and 12pt premium quality cardboard were sent to the printing department.
  • The printing department started printing the design on the cardboard, while die-cut department started making die using the positive.
  • After printing, the printed cardboard passes through UV (Ultraviolet) coating and gain a very high shine finish.
  • After the printing and UV coating process finished, the printed cardboard was sent to the die-cut department, where they already have prepared a die according to the positive they have already received.
  • After printing and UV coating the cardboard cutting started.
  • After cutting the boxes were moved to pasting department where they paste every sided of the cardboard carefully with a very strong sticky glue.

After all these steps the finished boxes were sent to the Q/A department. They test and analyze the quality of printing, cutting and pasting of the boxes.

After their approval the boxes are sent to the planning department and the CEO of the company.

After getting approval from all the department the boxes are ready for shipping. Since we offer free shipping, the shipping process takes minimum 8-10 days after approval.

Now the client has already received the custom printed boxes and he is very happy with our work.

As a bonus we have made a Custom Printed Table Standee to Support Charity Jar cause. The process of making the Custom Printed Table Standee is same as the custom printed display boxes, i have mentioned above.

So now i,m just going to share the images of table standee along with the Table Standee 3D Mockup.

Daniel Novosel


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