Cosmetic Rigid Packaging Will Reduce your Marketing Cost

Daniel October 14, 2020

Custom rigid boxes are the trendiest fashion staple in the packaging industry at the moment, the packaging industry is always evolving, and custom packaging is the latest trend. If your product is cosmetics, you much know how competitive the cosmetics market has become. Hence, you must understand how vital cosmetic rigid boxes are for your brand image. Custom cosmetic packaging offers the company to showcase their creativity, imagination, brand image, and the values of their brand. It’s the most effective way of communicating with the consumer without spending an arm and leg for marketing.

You can also say that custom packaging is more like the most cost-effective tool of marketing. At Blue Box, we produce smart custom packaging solutions using advanced technology to ensure our customers’ superior quality. You can work with expert designers at Blue Box and get custom rigid boxes as per your product’s preference.

Imagine going with a bland box that is just like every other brand, and there is nothing to distinguish it from the competition. When the mail comes in, your brand looks like every other brand out there. There is nothing to imply that your brand is better, expensive as well as high-end. The brand packaging doesn’t entice the customer, and they don’t feel like sharing it or post about it on social media. When this happens, your product gets no limelight or attention on the most hyped marketing platforms, and this is a big blunder on your part.

In contrast, when you send out beautifully printed custom cosmetic rigid boxes, they look unique and different. The vibrant colors and design set you apart from other packages. The customer is forced to make a comparison, as your packaging implies that the product inside is luxurious. This comparison will lead to good reviews and recommendations online. This is how you do mass marketing without spending a dime.

Here’s how your custom-made cosmetic rigid boxes can become your most significant marketing tools.

They Elevate The Customer Experience:

Your rivals are spending hundreds of dollars on marketing. Hence, you could compete with them instead of spending as much by choosing high-end packaging. More than the product, the packaging is the first impression of a brand. Moreover, colors, patterns, personal touches, and convenient cosmetic packaging also elevate customers buying experience. Once impressed, they are bound to become your loyal customers.


Repeat Purchases:

Did you know that 40 percent of people who buy the online claim that aesthetic packaging makes them become repeat buyers? As a cosmetic brand, this is a number that can you’re your many potential buyers. Repeat purchases and buyers build brand loyalty, and once you start gaining reputation, there is no stopping you. By incorporating giftable custom rigid boxes into your packaging process, you ensure that your clients know that you care about them.

Custom Rigid Packaging VS Stock Packaging:

Let’s talk about packaging ten years back; every retail shop has the same kind of standard boxes; there was nothing to set them apart. Same color, same size, there was no concept of using unique shapes and color tones to enhance the look of the packaging. There was a sea of boxes and nothing to set your brand apart. This was how stock packaging used to be; it was cost-effective, which is why it lasted this long. Fortunately for new businesses and start-ups, the packaging revolution happened, and the innovation of custom cosmetic packaging arrived.

Compared to stock boxes, now there is a variety of colorful boxes, each with their brand image and distinct appearance. Custom boxes are important as they

  • Impress the consumer, exceeds their expectations
  • They draw the customer to your brand
  • They stand out on the shelf
  • Give the impression that the brand cares about the customers
  • Increase word of mouth marketing

All in all, there is a lot more custom cosmetic packaging does if you decide to use it as your effective marketing tool.



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