Different Types to Consider for Product Packaging

James Clark August 13, 2021

The packaging industry is growing with time with the advancement in technology. The brands these days are conscious of the latest product packaging trends, and they are trying to bring innovation to their box look. The trend of making different kinds of custom boxes is not new because everyone knows how to bring elegance in box finishing. Once you learn the ways to design high-quality and decent packages, you will be able to increase your brand value among buyers’. It’s clear that packaging plays a role in the perceived value of the product, so you should pay attention to the styling of your packaging. In this blog, we will cover some elegant types of custom packaging to help you learn unique packaging solutions.

Foil Sealed Bag:

Foil seal bags are in wide use and the first choice by packaging wholesalers. It is the best way to keep the product maintain by increasing its shelf life. The foil sealed bags are in use for food wrapping and it’s the most important thing to consider about these bags. The other significant thing is it provides cheap boxes solution and is ideal to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. You can wrap several items in these boxes like:

  • Cheese
  • Cereals
  • Cured meats
  • Smoked fish

So basically, the main purpose of these boxes is to provide customers the best packaging solution for food items.

Rigid Boxes:

The packaging wholesalers prefer the use of rigid boxes to pack luxury items in a trendy way.  These boxes are premium and durable to give the product classy wrapping. Once you learn to build a unique brand place in the market, you will ultimately become able to bring style to your box look. The rigid material can be used to make cheap boxes as it comes in the form of condensed paperboard. Therefore, try to bring innovation to your custom packaging by using trendy and unique rigid boxes. These boxes are inexpensive and provide high-class protection to the whole package. Therefore, you should work on decently, and creatively packaging style to double the brand recognition. These boxes can be used to pack different items like:

  • Jewelry
  • Cosmetic
  • High-end luxury items

Moreover, these boxes are ideal to bring style in trend in overall box finishing.

Chipboard Packaging:

Chipboard packaging is the best way to bring style to custom packaging. These packaging styles are ideal to make trendy custom printed boxes. Once you learn to design high-quality box finishing, you will be able to bring elegance to your packaging look. The best use of these custom boxes is in different sectors like:

  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Cosmetic

A typical chipboard packaging is a type of paper board and it can be easily:

  • Cut
  • Folded
  • Formed

The packaging wholesalers love to use trendy packaging styles by using chipboard packaging solutions. However, if your business is dealing with heavy items, you should not use chipboard packaging. If the storage atmosphere contains moisture, the material can be easily weakened.

Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated boxes are simply referred to as cardboard and are ideal to make elegant custom boxes. A lot of customers don’t realize that these are cheap boxes that come in different types depending upon the strength and durability of the material. However, it’s easy to make decent, and trendy packages by using high-quality custom boxes for buyers. Moreover, the packaging wholesaler uses these boxes to give product rigidity and strength.


A polybag is also known as a plastic or pouch bag and these bags can be manufactured with plastic and thin film. It is one of the most decent and trendy ways to style high-class and unique box finishing. You can wrap different items in these boxes with elegant and classy boxes. Therefore, you can make use of these custom boxes to bring elegant and classy box finishing.

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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