How to Design Your Cardboard Displays Boxes with ultimate Perfection?

Daniel May 24, 2021

What are Display Boxes

Display boxes are great for showing off the unique style of your brand and showcasing your products on displays. Cardboard display boxes, counter display boxes, and custom printed cardboard boxes are ideal for displaying lightweight commercial products including nutrition bars, candies, lip balm, and many more. All these products can be easily showcased using custom printed cardboard boxes.

Customized Display Boxes according to your Product

cardboard display boxes come in various sizes and shapes that can accommodate most of your product displays. You can choose among display boxes made of cardboard, or Rigid Sheet. Boxes made of Cardboard are commonly used for food presentations and other commercial displays. On the other hand, cardboard display boxes and counter display boxes are most suited for product displays that are light in weight.

Benefits of using Cardboard Display Boxes

There are several benefits of using and cardboard displays. First and foremost, they are very easy to use. They are usually available with adhesive strips to make it easy to stick the product into the cardboard boxes. Also, cardboard displays can display your product at more angles than their metal counterparts. Here are some Benefits of Using Custom Cardboard Boxes:

  • Recommended because these are Cost Effective
  • Add Versatility to your Product
  • Enhance the chance of Sales
  • Display Boxes will Help you to Standout in the Crowd
  • Comprehensive source to provide maximum product Information

Another advantage of cardboard display box is that they are very cost-effective when it comes to shipping. These boxes can be shipped via regular mail. The most common shipping options include regular air, water, and land freight. If you are concerned about the quality of your merchandise, you can request your shipping provider to use cardboard tubes instead of traditional retail packaging. Using these tubes will increase the chances of your packing materials being examined by the customs.

How to Present your Product with Countertop Display Boxes

Cardboard countertop displays are a good alternative to plastic counter displays because they are light, but still rigid enough to ensure the safety of your promotional materials. Custom printed boxes come with custom prints for your product display, including full-color imprints, foil stamping, debossing, lamination, and UV coating. They are usually available in varying thicknesses to meet the requirements of different product types. Finally, custom product boxes can also be laminated to create an aesthetically appealing finish.

Cardboard Display Boxes that are Eco-Friendly too

Cardboard counter display boxes are made of cardboard, which is a sturdy material that’s environmentally friendly. They are available in a variety of different thicknesses to suit individual needs. As compared to plastic counter display boxes, these boxes are very easy to clean. With standard cardboard counter display boxes, it’s fairly easy to remove crumbs and stains from the surface, but this is not the case with cardboard display boxes. They can’t be easily wiped off, meaning that you need to be careful not to put too much stress on them. You should also try to avoid sharp edges and corners as these can chip or damage the merchandise inside.

Things your need to Consider while Shipping Process

The time it takes to ship cardboard display boxes can vary depending on your shipping provider. Some delivery providers offer immediate shipment, while others require that they have enough of the product on hand to cover the shipping costs. If you are targeting a quick turnaround time, then you should consider getting your items shipped overnight. To ensure that they are received at their proper destination, make sure that the packaging company offers tracking on all of your packages. If you want to reduce the turnaround time for each package, you can use packing tape, bubble wraps, or packing tape to protect the fragile edges of your items.



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