Top Addons for Custom Candle Boxes

James Clark July 30, 2022

A candle symbolizes grace, quality, loyalty, and modesty, each of which acts as a symbol of the human spirit. A candle has for many years been used to provide light; however, today, candles are used for decorative purposes and gift-giving for many different events. In any case, the packaging must be fascinating and sturdy for these delicate candles. So as not to damage their delicate nature, you should store candles in a box with an attractive design. Candles make a lot of sense every day because they give the feel that they are highly magical from the outside. The stylish designs of the boxes of candles, on the other hand, will be able to appeal to candle fans in a big way. 

In this situation, it is now crucial to select the material to protect the candles based on the material to use. There are other priorities that everyone would like to make sure their customized boxes of candles are as small as possible, have attractive packaging, and have eye-catching prints on them. For the custom packaging to leave a lasting impact on the client’s mind, it is crucial to keep these points in mind to make it more appealing. There is no doubt that these boxes will protect these items from damage since they will hold them tightly. The only way to guarantee the safety of fragile products like candles would be to have rigid packaging that fits their size. 

Bring Vibrant Color Schemes to the Candles

A unique print has a powerful magnetism that attracts people to it simply because it is an enticing print. So, if you want to generate more sales of your product, you must design the look and feel of your boxes so that clients are captivated by them. Thus, there is no doubt that candles have become the most popular item on the market since they cater to every purpose or event. The reason behind this is that to protect it needs to come in a particular way. In addition, the color scheme has to be captivating to attract the eye of the viewer as well as the design because plain design alone will not be sufficient to draw attention. For the packaging to look out-of-this-world, it’s best to use the following color schemes:

  • Printing digitally
  • Production in 3D and 2D
  • Four color process with PMS
  • No printing

Thus, they are the most modern printing methods that give the most attractive packaging ideas for candles wholesale boxes. Also, clients will find a wide range of options in terms of printing, most of them enjoying the appeal that packaging has to offer to their clients. As for the color process, we can say that you need both CMYK and PMS color schemes to make your design look great. It is since both of these aspects are a perfect match for each other and deliver the most aesthetic result.

Feature Add-Ons to Make Custom Boxes More Attractive

In today’s world, adding and upgrading features to make boxes look more lavish and valuable is not feasible. They make huge profits after customizing the boxes because of the features their clients love. Boxes have many features that apply greatly, but every feature has its importance and demand. Moreover, this option also makes it easy for people to buy invitation boxes with unique designs. These features make it an elegant design:

  • Spot UV Coating/Full UV Coating
  • Gloss Lamination
  • Matte Lamination 
  • Window Patching 
  • Foiling
  • Embossing/debossing

A box of candle look depends on several crucial features. However, many people prefer having their candle box packaging enhanced by foiling in silver or gold. Also, it will ensure that candles maintain their market value.

Spot UV Coating or Full UV Coating

A spot UV coating is one of the most popular methods of coating a candle with UV-gloss layers that are put directly onto the candle’s surface. UV light helps the varnish on the paper or other material to cure during the printing phase. With this UV print process, it is possible to give the specific spots an aesthetic that is bright, shiny, and full of depth. Also, it protects the final product by adding a coating on top of it.

Matte Lamination

Lamination with matte finishes gives off a more subtle, softer look less reflective than gloss. Thus, the packaging becomes easier to see the result of this. Matte laminated packaging doesn’t have as bright colors or as sharp contrasts. As a result, they are less prominent than when they are glossy. Boxes of candles could benefit from this design. In addition to protecting, matte lamination also feels silky in feel. 

Gloss Lamination

The glossy finish gives colors a much more vibrant look. Marketing pieces use it to add an air of quality and class. Gloss finishing enhances color clarity, whether you are using CMYK or PMS. Using laminated packaging will ensure your product attracts buyers in a store. In certain instances, one type of laminate may be better than the other when protecting against handling. In contrast to the gloss finish, matte laminate absorbs light. 

Window Patching

Patching occurs when plastic film adheres to one or more die-cut windows of a box or packaged item to make them look like a goggle. Your clients have the opportunity to get a sneak peek of your item without having to break the seal to see what it looks like. There are many uses for a product like a luxury candle box styles, which can serve as a way to showcase it. As a result, your product will gain more confidence, thus making it easier for your clients to buy it. It depends on the nature of the film patch and whether it attaches to a product.


Embossing involves sandwiching sheets of paper, metal, or another material in between mating plates. There are etched designs on the female plate and a sunk design on its male version. An embossed design appears when the paper lies between the two plates.

An embossing effect is reversible by a debossing effect. An image is pressed into a material, typically leather or thick card, by applying a significant amount of pressure. As a mark of quality and prestige, most elite brands use this effect for candles.

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