Top Packaging Innovations That Enable E-Commerce Growth and Sustainability

James Clark September 22, 2021

The growth of e-commerce exceeds the most optimistic forecasts, but as the sector grows, it faces new challenges in terms of sustainability and fragmentation. For the industry upgrade, we need a deep understanding of the key problem of e-commerce business development to the ultimate solution to discuss packaging sustainability, innovation, and the changing role of packaging in e-commerce.

What makes a packaging business more sustainable?

Packaging cannot be the most sustainable packaging unless or until efforts cannot seen in this business subtle growth. The best concern in any packaging company is – that protects the material, generates the least amount of waste, is composed of the least amount of material and is biodegradable, reusable or environmental. For example, usable containers that can add nutrients to the soil.

What are the innovations of sustainable packaging?

The good news is that as e-commerce develops packaging, many brands are seizing the opportunity to promote sustainability and communicate their brand values ​​to consumers through packaging. A good example is Bluebox Packaging; our mission is to support life on earth. They use the basic structure of customized packaging in an efficient way that acts as expression of superiority among other companies of packaging in market. It gives knowledge how to bind agricultural waste and turns it into a beneficial resource that replaces unsustainable plastics such as polyethene.

Can flexible packaging be considered sustainable?

Yes, flexible custom card box packaging can be considered sustainable because it requires less consumption of fossil fuels, less CO2 emissions and water consumption, and less packaging waste. When used efficiently, it is great protection for liquid products in the e-commerce chain. However, to play a role in the circular economy, the flexible packaging industry must find end-of-life solutions. Some of these solutions require consumers to return flexible packaging to the store for recycling through internal programs. This example of a new bio-based polymer packaging contains 2% bio-based content extracted from sugar cane.

Why is corrugated cardboard the most widely used material for e-commerce packaging?

Custom Printed cardboard has always been the dominant material for packaging and transporting consumer goods. In the e-commerce distribution process, corrugated cardboard is strong enough to protect the item and light enough to optimize shipping costs. In particular, corrugated cardboard packaging is fundamentally sustainable, as the fibers can be recycled over and over again. The deciding factor here is sizing the corrugated box to carry as little air as possible, without additional packaging components such as protective packaging. However, corrugated packaging faces challenges on the e-commerce path as brand owners challenge packaging to convey their brand image, enhance the unpacking experience, and protect the item.

How has the role of packaging evolved through electronic commerce?

In a store, packaging must distract the consumer from the shelf, and graphics play a key role. The packaging needs to articulate quickly because the digitized packaged product is the better option than the product placing on shelves next door in this race of perfect competition. That relationship has changed with e-commerce. How? When a packaged product come into someone’s sight it got more attention due to its attractive packaging hence a buyer will place an online order.

What other changes in packaging do you see with the growing popularity of direct-to-consumer (D2C) segments?

With the growing popularity of home-cooked meals, packaging cannot sit idle and contents can be easily transported and protected. In the field of food packaging, we call it active packaging. Active packaging may not be new, but with the dynamic changes in the market that we have seen, its importance has increased significantly. When thinking about food activities, the packaging must interact with the material and the environment to keep the material fresh and safe to withstand different climates. Innovations like this are great for heat sensitive products shipped to your home.

What would you recommend for a CPG (Customer Packaging Goods) startle who is getting started in e-commerce and looking to create their first e-commerce package?

There are many considerations, but the first is finding a good packaging partner to help you from design to manufacturing. We have many votes and these votes helped us make decisions alone. To evaluate the articles within customer’s demand then the correct size in your package and make sure it is light and small and incur material and shipping costs.

Choose the right packaging material: rigid or flexible. When you need fillers, look for sustainable solutions that make consumers happy. Remember: a package always contains your brand image. What first impression does it imprint for future experience? Yes, it refers to experience. We can help you create a design that does all of these things and create a great boxing experience that your clients will love.

Do you see the ever-increasing growth of e-commerce?

E-commerce sales are growing rapidly, and COVID-19 has accelerated that growth. Studies show that the number of Internet users has increased during the pandemic and new shopping habits are emerging. Online shopping is fast becoming the preferred method of many people. COVID-19 forced retailers to quickly change their market turnover strategies to stay in business. For some, it meant exploring new ways to sell their products online. An estimated 60% of new online consumers will continue to shop online even after the pandemic.

Where will we see the e-commerce packaging industry in five to ten years, just to find out how sustainable the packaging industry is?

No doubt, technology would play a great role in the future of packaging. It can increase consumer engagement with a brand and increase connectivity to the product itself. For example, radio frequency identification (RFID) can track a package and send signals to a smartphone. Retailers can always know the exact location of their products. This technology allows brands to monitor certain conditions while driving, such as temperature, vibration and safety.

What Benefits does a sustainable packaging company earn from D2C relations?

Following are the benefits a sustainable packaging company earn from D2C relation?

Additives can make a big difference

You can add special add-ons to the boxes with the possibility of customization. The custom boxes are made with various locking tabs that protect and secure the boxes. For example, baby locks can fit in the pharmacy boxes last, making it difficult for children to open. Similarly, gable gift boxes can be made with earrings that look beautiful and complement the decoration of the boxes to provide a great unpacking experience. The other thing that you can customize your boxes is the attractive slogans that will help you differentiate yourself from other product manufacturers and competitors.

An ecological approach to packaging

During this time, people are concerned about land waste and several measures have been taken to keep it as low as possible. Custom boxes made of Kraft material help because they are recyclable and do not have a negative impact on the environment. In addition, the environmentally friendly absorbent paint is not used in the production of the boxes in the production of environmentally friendly material. As a result, manufacturers choose recyclable Kraft paper and cardboard to ensure their product cannot be used as a source of the landfill in the country. This is one of the most important reasons why you should choose custom packaging solutions for your products.

Very suitable for submitting subscription products

In addition to product manufacturers, companies that send a monthly subscription to their customers should take advantage of custom packaging. Customers who receive monthly subscription products want to see their product in a colorful box and manufacturers want to promote their brand when it reaches customers. By using a brown or white box to ship your subscription products, you can’t get an enthusiastic reaction from customers. On the other hand, if the products are packaged in a vivid and colorful custom box, the look of the box will surprise you. Therefore, if you are a product seller who ships products to your customers every month, you should choose custom cardboard boxes for packaging.

Very suitable for cosmetics, confectionery and jewelry products packaging

If you think that custom boxes should be a tool to sell products effectively, then you should be wondering if you can get them for your product. The answer is yes! This is because the use of custom cardboard boxes is huge and any product can be packaged within them when placing an order. Whether you sell small cosmetic products or baked goods, you can create custom boxes for your products. Many cosmetic brands use cardboard boxes to package their products and you can find them in any shape, size, and style. Custom boxes can also be used for fragile and sensitive jewelries to cover in jewelry cardboard boxes. You can find special foam inserts in their boxes, which protect your product during shipping and do not damage it during transport.

Choose the right theme

When you order the boxes, you have control over the choice of any cardboard, Kraft and rigid material. If you are a food manufacturer, choose Kraft cardboard because it is recyclable and people trust your food to be organic and perfect. So with all these benefits, choose custom boxes that are sure to make a difference.

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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