Why do Candle Businesses’ need Attractive and Luxury Packaging?

James Clark October 14, 2021

When you are selling good products and your customers are happy with the quality of the products you are providing then there is no doubt about the loyalty of your consumers, unless or until no other competitor is providing such products with high packaged quality as well. Not only their products are admirable, even with their packaging, consumer will leave the products he/she was owning before. The loyalty of the consumer should not take for granted because quality products and previous firm trust matter a lot. In the case of the Candles’ business, packaging has become crucial in this modern era of the 21st century. Do you know why? Because nobody compromises on their events management to be happen dull or boring.

If your consumers are loyal and sales are upwards, you will need more sales, right? The only thing in your hand is your Candle Business which is your passion. What you will do to be more loyal to your consumers to make them your tribe? How you will create a linkto make this relationship more strong? You can make them more binding with your products through the best packaging.

It is an ultimate truth, to make any event memorable for gifts matters a lot. And to make a gift memorable packaging is the soul of the event. For casual gifts to romantic gifts such as candles, cakes, and other stuff – custom printed boxes are used widely.

Let have a closer look to know why candle packaging adds more life and value to boost your sales and grow your business.

1.Packaging provides information

Your Candle packaging boxes must provide information that must be cleared and vivant to convey a message. The best packaging consists of the best material, colors, shapes, designs, finishes including add-ons, slogans, any logo or thank you message may be. It must contain a clear cut message of what you want to deliver. In this way, you can make loyal consumers.

A unique design says it all with plus benefits. At the same time, the way the information has been placed on the packaging must sway their decision to keep that packaged box as a decoration piece on the shelf.

Most probably, the following information will be there on candle packaging boxes.

Brand and Logo

The crucial thing that matters a lot is to let your consumer know about the product you made attach with their sentiments somehow and help them to remember something important. Make your candle spotted among the candles of your competitors to show a difference. With help of Custom printed boxes, you can easily promote your brand and logo.

Product Name

Give your product a fancy or different name that must attract consumers toward itself. It must contain some emotional or passionate concern. May be something from their past to make it touchy. A Product name fascinates consumers a lot engraved onto candle boxes.

Candle packaging info

Try to create such info onto the candle box packaging that let your consumer have a luxury gift package. For instance, you may use a silver logo on the sort of jars. You will notice that it must be visible in form of a package box sleeve like a folded emblem.

2.Type of the Product

Perhaps you are selling candles made up of natural wax, beeswax, gel or scented candles. If you mention that on the box what type of candle material is inside it would be a plus point for you to attract the consumers’ attention. Somehow consumers prefer the products mentioned with natural ingredients. So, the type of the mentioned products let the consumer identify the preferred product easier as per their choice.


You must have to mention the few prior benefits that candles have. All must be mentioned on the packaging boxes. For instance, all the high-qualities that your candle have must such as, this candle can burn up to 2 hours. Or it smells divine, write something in its praise. What attract people most – the blurb about a product enforce them to buy a product. Such labels inform consumers about, fragrances, burn-time, something interesting facts about its manufacturing. When you add gender specifications on packaging such as “male scented candles” or female scented candles”. It may also attract consumers to fascinate with your product.

4.History or mission

Your brand history tells customers who the people behind the product are. Tell us how your company was formed. Or tell us about your values ​​or your mission. Let them know that they contribute to the well-being of the communities you support. Whatever makes you special, tell them about your product. You must tell them, how old your company is such as; if it is a silver-jubilee passed or golden jubilee passed. And providing their keen services in such manner.


Lighting ingredients can be an important decision factor for a customer. Let’s say you are looking for candles that are environmentally friendly or non-toxic. Or you are allergic to certain substances. Always make sure to list the ingredients and follow current regulations.

6. Warnings

No matter how beautiful they are, light poses a health and safety risk if not used properly. So be sure to include warning signs and warnings. Most also have additional instructions from the manufacturers on how to burn the candle properly.

7. Quantity

Some companies prefer the amount of the product. If this is your case, write it on the label or packaging for the candles. Sometimes the customer only needs a few seconds to make a decision. In our experience, you should not underestimate the importance of your message on candle packaging.

Candle packaging affects the brand’s awareness

Why would anyone take their candles off the shelf when there are so many brands and types? And how you will differentiate yourself from other competitors in the market?

Well-marked jars or glasses or fun candle labels and ribbons do a good job of getting attention. But there is another level.

High-quality packaging and labels are important for a brand’s image because they convey a message. The message is that you value and respect both your products and your customers. It also means that their experience is important to you.

Gift box with candles

Think of that joy for that person when you see and touch the beautifully soft and colorful cardboard wrapped in a thin ribbon. Think how exciting it is to open it and see what is inside. Shape, color, smell, feeling – all this is related to your brand.

The look of your light packaging can turn love at first sight into lasting love for your products. This will undoubtedly add value to your business, create brand loyalty and increase your sales. Sounds good right? But there is more….

Point to Ponder…

Let’s be honest, put blood, sweat and tears on your products. But now they must reach their customers safely and unharmed. You really do not want your efforts to go away. As a candle maker, in addition to making a lasting impression and selling, you have to deal with less pleasant things. Shipping, handling and storage will become a nightmare if the following precautions are taken for granted. And the last thing you want is for your candles to be damaged during transport or on the shelves.


  • Proper packaging of candles prevents the candle from twisting, breaking, crumbling or melting. Sometimes even these products do not offer a standard discount.
  • High temperatures and sunlight cause the candles to soften, melt or fade faster.
  • Let’s say your customer wants to buy their favorite candle with pumpkin pots but is surprised by the store. The glass is no longer there, the light is broken and you can barely smell it. That was really not what he was looking for. Proper packaging can avoid this.
  • The same applies to low temperatures (including frost) and humidity. These damages not only the sail but also the trout, which are very prone to such problems.
  • Whether you deliver your candles in jars, jars or boxes, always choose high-quality candle packaging. It will enhance your restaurant and retain its appearance and aroma. Your job is to make sure they are safe in the candle box so that they get to the shelves undamaged and eventually in the hands of the customers.

Different versions for the packaging of your candles.

You probably have several types of scented candles. How can buyers differentiate them? Have found the house what service do you want to express? If you are selling candles with a different scent, it is a good idea to visually distinguish each product. This is how customers match color with scent or theme.

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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