What is Bespoke Packaging?

James Clark November 15, 2022

Businesses today are increasingly relying on bespoke packaging to reach out to their clients in order to promote their brands and product. Looks and aesthetics have a great deal to do with the buyer’s journey. Globally, companies are beginning to recognize the importance of customizing a product’s packaging and are trying to make the most of this chance.

There is no more standard, generic brown box in which businesses send their goods. In order to better reflect the nature of the brand, they now package their products in quirky and bright packages. Then it is a low-cost tactic that ensures their brand is seen by each and every client and gets their branding in front of them.

Therefore, to help clarify a bit more, let’s look at what packaging bespoke has to offer in more detail and how it can benefit you.

First Impressions are everything

Clients will first encounter your brand when they receive the parcel you send them. It’s absolutely crucial to make the right impression on your first impression since you only get one chance at it.

Thousands of packages are passed each day. So there is a lot of vying for clients’ attention, so it’s crucial for you to stand out from the crowd.  Color isn’t the only aspect to consider. The most impactful ads are often simple but clean in today’s noisy world. Clients are unlikely to remain loyal to companies that use cheap, flimsy bags for their goods.

It’s all about Customer Experience

It is imperative that all businesses focus on their customers’ experiences, and packaging has a key role in that. If their product arrives in a generic, boring package, even the most exciting product can be a flop. An attractive, quirky package is much more fun to open than a boring brown package.

Prior to this, packaging served only as a means of protecting delivery goods from harm. These days, the main purpose of box packaging is to reinforce a brand’s identity and deliver its message.

Reduce Damage and Return Rates

A custom-made package is not just a design that makes unique changes to match your needs. Also, it is vital for it to have the right size and ensure that the goods within it are secure. The product is at an increased risk of damage if you shake it and hear it rattling inside the package.

As a result, your company will lose its image, and more products will be returned to you, leading to a rise in costs. Clients are less likely to buy more products from a company if they’ve had to return items. In turn, this is not only a hassle for the company, but it can also lower sales.

In order to minimize damage and returns, the packaging should be compact and carefully made to provide the best protection for its contents.

Social Media and Unboxing Videos

It is an undeniable fact that YouTube is a great place to watch unboxing videos. Videos of people opening their new goods are regularly uploaded by people with millions of subscribers. You should take benefit of this so that your business will be able to advertise for free in these places. There are millions of users worldwide who are likely to take help from the videos. So it is crucial that you do not miss out on this chance. Viewers must remember this video for the rest of their lives.

Your brand’s exposure will also increase by users posting images of your packaging on social media if your packaging is unique and appealing to users.

Make Sure Your Brand Is Visible To Your Clients

It is common for retailers to struggle to get their brands in front of clients when selling other firms’ products.

Suppose, for instance, you are a reseller of trainers, and you sell the items to other people. The Nike shoe box that the trainers come in is not likely to leave a lasting impact on a client who buys a pair of Nike trainers from you. You can, however, include your branding on the recycling bag that you enclose with the box if you want. Before opening the package, your client will see your logo as the first thing they see before they open it. As a result, even if your products are those of other brands, you will be able to promote your brand and make it more visible to your clients through your brand packaging.

An example of this would be JD Sports, even though the company sells Nike products, and Adidas products, in addition to products by other brands as well. JD Sports also provides a JD Sports-branded bag to all of their clients in which they put all of their goods.

James Clark

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