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Discover Our Full Range of Custom Rigid Boxes

Your company can gain a significant competitive advantage by using custom rigid boxes. BBP offers a range of high-end functionality boxes that will bring significant value to your organization. Various types of rigid boxes with lids are available, including rigid telescopic boxes, shoulders and neck rigid boxes, flip boxes, and magnetic closure boxes. It is up to you to choose the best option based on your requirements. Need help to decide what to choose? We will assist you throughout the process by providing you with the services of our graphic designers. Our innovative die-cutting equipment results in crisp and precise edges on your box, making its use easier and more convenient. 


Rigid Gift Boxes at Wholesale Rates

Your gifts will have a luxurious impression with our extra features. Using our innovative die-cutting technique, you can create a window on both the top and front of the box to enhance product visibility. We are custom rigid box manufacturer, to help you with gorgeous and high-quality rigid gift boxes that are lavishly decorated using foiling, finishing, ribbons, inserts, and other processes to create beautiful and high-quality boxes that will satisfy your needs. As per your request, we can fabricate rigid cardboard boxes in any color you choose to enhance the visual appeal of your brand.

Why Choose BlueBox?

Blue box Packaging is a one-stop facility that offers all kinds of solutions to your personalized packaging needs.

Free Design Support Free Design Support
Starting from 100 Boxes Starting from 100 Boxes
Quick Turnaround Time Quick Turnaround Time
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Innovatively Customized Rigid Boxes for Perfection

Here at BBP, we strive to provide you with countless options for enhancing the appeal of your product. In terms of custom rigid boxes wholesale, we offer a variety of box styles. Several rigid box types are available, including two-piece luxury rigid box packaging, rigid lid boxes, and custom printed rigid boxes with magnetic closures. You can add PVC windows and die-cut to the boxes as a further enhancement. Furthermore, we offer a variety of alluring printing designs with eye-catching text, making them perfect for packaging. We provide a wide selection in terms of design, style, size, and shape. From our range of products, you can choose anything you wish and modify it to meet your needs. It is possible to give your custom printed boxes a charming appearance using UV coating, debossing and embossing, and lamination.  


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Get Free Quote

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Material Selection

Material Selection

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Artwork Preparation

Artwork Preparation

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Start Production

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A Complete Luxury Package for First-Class Products

Product presentation plays a crucial role in creating a premium buying experience. Custom rigid box packaging impress your future customers from the moment they first see your product to when they lift the lid. Our luxury rigid boxes provide convenience and elegance at every turn, giving your brand a premium look and feel. You can order as low as 100 units if you are a startup or a smaller organization. Our custom boxes with logo can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, regardless of what you need. 

Why Choose BBP for Rigid Box Packaging?

We offer wholesale rigid boxes that are affordable to our clients and ideal for anyone looking to start a business with a limited budget and assets. Regardless of whether you are new to the market, we have a team of professionals that can assist you in selecting the best package at the best price with attractive discounts. Additionally, we provide you with a 3D mock-up before the final production of your box to enable you to express your preferences regarding the customization of your box. We offer custom rigid boxes at wholesale rates with free shipping throughout the United States. Get in touch with us for a quick and easy way to get started. 


We use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure that your custom boxes are strong and secure. We understand the importance of protecting delicate items, so our packaging solutions provide optimal protection for your product.

Cardboard C1S

A soft matte-like coating on the front side of the paper but not the back.

Cardboard C2S

A soft matt-like coating on both sides of paper.

Natural Brown Kraft

An unbleached, brown paper commonly used for eco-friendly and rustic packaging.

Black Kraft

Kraft with black dye is called black Kraft, often used for sophisticated and elegant packaging designs.

White Kraft

A natural brown paper that has been bleached or coated to make it white.

Textured Cardboard

Offers a distinct look and feel, commonly used for premium packaging.

Metallic Cardboard

It has a shiny and reflective metallic finish for premium packaging, specialty printing, or decoration.

Holographic Cardboard

A three-dimensional, shifting, and colorful appearance when exposed to light.

Our box packaging finishing services include lamination, hot stamping, gloss finishing, and special effects like holographic foiling. We use the latest technologies to ensure that your custom boxes look beautiful and last a long time.

Gloss Finish

A surface treatment applied to printed materials, creating a shiny, reflective appearance, and polished texture.

Matte Finish

This finish gives printed materials a subtle, elegant, and smooth appearance without glare or shine.

Soft Touch Finish

Creates a velvety and tactile texture that gives the touch a luxurious, smooth, and pleasant feel.

Pearlescent Finish

Creates the illusion of a soft, glowing sheen, similar to a pearl, enhances the visual appeal.

The modern packing industry has many innovative entries; holographic boxes are one such innovation. The fashion and cosmetics industry will be incomplete without these excellent packing solutions. The hologram-based patterns for logo designs and branding are also best for branding purposes. In short, it is the best way to make your packaging eye-catching and stand out in the crowd of various other boxes. Manufacturers use that technique to alleviate the buying experience of their end-users. The very look of these boxes enthralls whoever puts the first glance at them.


A printing technique that uses metallic or pigmented foils to create shiny and decorative designs.


It creates a raised surface design, adding a tactile and three-dimensional effect.


It involves pressing a design into a surface, creating a depressed or indented effect.

Spot UV

A clear varnish that uses ultraviolet light to enhance your products' overall appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to make rigid box?
    1. Get some templates (I have made mine by printing out pictures on standard A4 printer paper).
    2. Cut apart your templates along all black lines.
    3. Fold along all grey lines.
    4. Glue together the parts that are meant to be glued together, and then glue them onto the box where they belong.
    5. Make a small slit in each fold with your knife or scissors to make sure that your folds stay put when you have applied glue on it.
    6. Then apply some glue on every fold and fold it back so that you get a nice neat edge on all sides of the box!
  • How to select luxury rigid box manufacturer?
    One thing that you need to know about luxury rigid box manufacturer is exactly what your requirements are. If you already have experience with luxury rigid box manufacturer before, chances are there is at least one luxury rigid box manufacturer out there which will meet all of your expectations. If not, then find out more so that you can narrow down your options and select only those products which are most appropriate for your needs. This will also help save time as well as money because you will not end up wasting it on a luxury rigid box manufacturer that does not satisfy you.
  • What are rigid gift boxes?
    Rigid gift boxes are uniform sized packages that serve as a safe way to transport presents and other fragile items without them getting damaged or broken. In addition, they can also be used by buyers to ship out their own items. The point of a rigid box is that it has a uniform, flat shape which makes looking for the right sized one much easier. They come in many different sizes and can be customized with printed paper or use printed stickers instead. One advantage of using a rigid box over a soft one is that they have stronger walls so you don't have to worry about denting them no matter how rough you handle them while transporting the package from your doorstep to the recipient's doorstep. Buying rigid gift boxes can be tricky if you don't know what you're looking for.
  • What are rigid gift boxes used for?
    Rigid gift boxes are mainly used by sellers who need a safe way to get their products from one place to another, safely . In addition, because they have flat walls it makes filling them up pretty easy so long as whatever you're trying to put in there fits. It won't matter if your box is half full or not because your item will still be snug and safe. This makes them ideal for people who want to sell their own products or oversized items that wouldn't fit into a soft gift box, like extra large pillows or bean bags. When you use rigid gift boxes as the packaging material they also give you more protection than if you were to simply put your stuff in a shipping envelope because it prevents your package from getting crushed by other products on the conveyor belt (in case you're doing large volume business).
  • What are some common sizes of rigid gift boxes?
    Rigid Gift Box- Large
    They can come in many different colors and ratios but this is the most common and popular one. The measurements for this size box is: 15 1/8"" x 12 7/8"" x 5 3/8"". It can hold objects that measure up to 12 1/4"" depth, 10 1/2"" width and 5 3/4"" height. Rigid Gift Box- Small
    Another size you should be aware of is a smaller version known as the small rigid gift boxes . They have dimensions of: 9 ½ "" x 4 ¾ "" x 2 ½ "". This size is great for shipping jewelry, clothes or something else where space is an issue."
  • What are rigid gift boxes made out of?
    Rigid gift boxes vary in material but they usually average around 30-50 lbs in terms of thickness. The most durable material that's used to make these boxes is a high density cardboard known as Corrugated fiberboard . It's a special type of paper that has been pressed together and glued with a wax substance. In addition, its unique layers allows it to bend easily without getting damaged or dented too much, which is why it's great for shipping items because you want your product to be protected from rough handling.
  • What is rigid boxes wholesale?
    Varying the materials used to make your product will not only increase its durability, but can also give it a more distinctive look. This is why some retailers select rigid gift boxes wholesale that are made of wood rather than cardboard for their packaging purposes. Now, there are many types of wooden box available on the market which you can consider using for your business too; one of them is the pine hollow out storage box.
  • What are rigid carton box?
    The rigid carton box can be made by folding of the corrugated sheet, usually of . It may have included added board of recycled fiber content of 5% to 30%. Cartons are printed using flexography, gravure printing, letterpress seals and metallizing. Recently, another form of printing has become more common called Flexo printing which prints 4 colors at one time with 2 flexo-printing plates. This method is also used on ceramics.
  • how to select custom rigid box packaging?
    A custom rigid box packaging consists of a cardboard stiffened with hard material on all surfaces except the top surface. A custom sized corrugated board with at least two flutes combined with a solid cardboard form the basis for this type of box. Another typical feature of a rigid box is its strength which ensures safe transportation conditions by protecting the goods inside from shocks and vibrations. The ribs make it possible to expand when filled but they will not bend under pressure like an ordinary carton. Additionally, if cutouts are made in one of the sides, they will not tear out even when pulled with the maximum force.
  • Types of custom rigid box packaging?
    There are various types of packaging available on the market in this category, each one offering different benefits and characteristics which must be taken into consideration when making a purchase. A custom rigid box packaging is made up of three components: an envelope for protection, with or without compartments inside, according to what you need to protect, plus inserts that create compartments in order to better organize your products and achieve excellent presentation results.
  • How to select rigid box packaging suppliers?
    The first thing I would say is that you should use your intuition as well as checking for robust fact-based information when choosing a supplier of rigid boxes or any other type of packaging. When your suppliers are giving you an estimate it might sound great but don’t be afraid to not buy from them right here and now if there are doubts about their competency.
  • What are luxury rigid boxes?
    There are a lot of different kinds of boxes, sized and shaped differently - but one type of box that stands out is the luxury rigid box. These types of boxes usually have a specific design to them, and they're typically made from high-quality materials. When you think about buying a small gift for someone special in your life, these boxes can add an extra touch of elegance when it comes to packaging your presents.
  • What are common types of rigid boxes wholesale?
    Rigid boxes are the most common type of packaging, used for shipping a wide variety of items. Shoe boxes, printer paper boxes and pizza delivery boxes are all examples of rigid box packaging. The size, shape and strength required for a particular shipment is what dictates which type of box to use. For example, long narrow objects like books or CDs typically require tall thin boxes with little depth so that they can be stacked in warehouse storage without taking up too much room vertically.
  • What are flap lip rigid boxes?
    One common type of customized rigid box packaging that works well for long term storage, includes lid flaps on one end with an open space inside the box itself. These types of boxes are good choices for storing things like holiday decorations because they keep dust from collecting while still allowing you easy access to whatever it is need stored inside them when needed.
  • Can we use rigid boxes for shipping glass products?
    Yes! Rigid boxes are also used for shipping glass products like drinking glasses or bottles. The manufacturing process of glass is challenging; creating cups, bowls, plates and even jars can be difficult if the tempered glass is not formed correctly. It's important to use the rigid box that best fits what you're trying to ship in order to minimize damage that may occur during transit.
  • What are rigid book boxes?
    Rigid book boxes are a creative way of packaging books in the same way they are traditionally found in bookstores. They are made of cardboard, with all four sides being equal in size they are somewhat square in shape. The rigid boxes have an open top with no flap or cover attached at the front allowing easy access to the books inside. Traditional packaging for books is generally clear plastic that keeps the contents secure but does not allow for customers to get a full view of what is inside of their purchase until it is opened which can be frustrating if customers inadvertently receive items that do not fit their tastes

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