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    Custom luxury boxes which are thicker than ordinary packaging boxes are called custom rigid boxes.  Custom rigid boxes are made by wrapping paper on grey board (heavy chipboard). These luxury packaging boxes are called rigid boxes due to their sturdy structure. Blue Box Packaging offers variety of styles in custom rigid packaging as below:

    • Telescopic Boxes
    • Lid Off Boxes
    • Magnetic Closure Boxes
    • Two-Piece Boxes
    • Collapsible Boxes
    • Luxury Sleeve Boxes
    • Custom Shape and Designs

    What Types of Rigid Packaging Should Consider for Ordering?

    There are variety of rigid packaging boxes you can choose which suits your requirements. Mainly there are two types of rigid packaging as below:

    • Partial Finish Boxes
    • Full Finish Boxes

    Partial finish rigid packaging is the one where the custom rigid packaging boxes are wrapped by paper only from the outer side with custom art work or further details while leaving inner side of the box exposed without wrapping in paper.

    Full finish rigid packaging is the one where the custom packaging boxes are wrapped in paper either in plane or custom design art work as per client’s requirement. Full finish rigid boxes are covered all the way from inside to outer surface in custom designed artwork.

    Why Rigid Box Packaging is Important?

    If you want to improve your brand visibility and reputation rigid box is the best available option you must consider. Customized rigid boxes will help you to present your products to customers in an effective manner where they can distinguish your brand from other competitors in the market. Luxury packaging boxes provide an elegant appearance to the products so they can grab customers attention so that they could know about the brand story which helps to make more loyal customers and it will help to upscale the business.

    We produce wholesale luxury packaging for our client(s). We offer custom packaging boxes with free door step delivery nationwide along free of cost design support. Rigid box packaging will empower you to design your products packaging boxes with your brand details which not only attract buyers toward products but also help you to create bonding with buyers to improve brand loyalty.

    We also offer rigid gift boxes in wholesale pricing with free design support. Expensive products are intended to pack in luxury packaging boxes not only the reason of providing an elegant appearance but also provide an extra layer of safety during order fulfilment process. Personalized rigid boxes used by brands to gift the products to their loyal customers especially on special events i.e., Christmas, Good Friday, Easter etc. as these are designed in a way to express emotions with the valuable products i.e., jewelry, fashion accessories and cosmetics etc.

    What Is the Usage of Rigid Boxes?

    Luxury Packaging is the way to present your valuable products to increase their exposure among the customers in day to day buying. Custom rigid boxes are made to provide an elegant appearance to the products as well as it provides a safe transportation while shipping products from one place to another. Luxury packaging boxes are used to pack various products i.e., jewelry, cosmetics, apparel, gifts, candles, perfumes and many more.

    Benefits for Using Rigid Boxes:

    These custom packaging boxes are the best option to present the items in the market in effective manner to increase the exposure in market and gain more customers. Mostly, well renown brand focus on rigid packaging for their campaign on special occasions as they fulfill the need perfectly and increase the brand visibility. Rigid packaging boxes are not only made up to provide safety to your products during rough retail operation. It also brings your brand story in an effective manner where you can gain new customer even retaining the existing one.

    What Material You Use for the Manufacturing of Rigid Boxes?

    As referred by the name rigid boxes are made of heavy chipboard by which these custom packaging boxes accommodate more weight as per the regular cardboard boxes. We offer customized packaging solutions so you can contact us to take an expert advice for your requirements according to your product dimensions and weight. We are the rigid box manufacturers and can produce custom rigid boxes which can carry the weight as per our customer’s requirements. Our starting weight bearing capacity is from 3-5 lbs. approximately but we can customize according to the requirements.

    Why Choose Blue Box Packaging for Custom Rigid Boxes?

    We are custom rigid box manufacturers offering custom packaging supplies from more than 10 years. We produce premium luxury packaging by wrapping paper applied to the outside of grey board (heavy chipboard) that gives your custom rigid boxes their structure while strengthen them. We serve our clients from a vast rage of 60pt / 1000g to 98pt / 1,800g.

    It doesn’t end up here. We offer variety of add-ons like embossing, debossing, sport UV, and Foiling etc. We produce high quality cost effective rigid boxes in all shapes and styles.

    What Shapes and Designs You Can Produce in Custom Rigid Boxes?

    We are custom box manufacturers providing packaging supplies with free shipping across the country. We offer personalized packaging solutions to our customers. You can produce packaging boxes according to your product dimensions and the requirements. Our team of professionals will bring something which will not only meet your expectations but fit in your budget as well.  We can produce luxury product packaging in all shapes and designs with a variety of add-ons i.e., embossing, debossing, foil printing, spot UV etc. Also, there are lot of custom shapes offered for luxury rigid packaging as following:

    • Front Magnet Closure Boxes
    • Collapsible Rigid Boxes
    • Two Piece Boxes
    • Lid Off Packaging Boxes
    • Luxury Drawer Boxes
    • Luxury Sleeve Boxes

    How to Order Rigid Boxes?

    It is quite simple to order your custom rigid boxes with us. All you need to contact us either phone, email or submitting a quote form on our website. You just need to provide us your requirements and a team of professionals will start complying with your requirements and bring something impressive. You will find us best custom rigid boxes suppliers in your territory holding best portfolio of serving renown brands in the country. We are the leading rigid boxes manufacturers in the USA. You can order rigid boxes online with us in a matter of seconds.

    Different Types of Custom Rigid Boxes From Blue Box Packaging

    What is Rigid Box?

    Rigid boxes are one of the most sought-after categories of packaging boxes.

    Almost all luxury brands utilize Rigid packaging for their expensive and delicate articles. Rigid packing is known for its durability, reliability, strength, and firm structure.

    These dielectrics for custom rigid boxes focus on the wrapping paper applied to the outside of the heavy chipboard (gray panel) that gives the boxes their structure. These rigid interior boxes have a paper lining to retain a uniform appearance throughout the unveiling experience.

    To have a perfect packaging experience, we would suggest you always print the dielectrics before progressing. This will give you an idea about the dimensions, proportions, user experience, etc. Moreover, you will also understand whether the box meets your structural needs or not.

    What Rigid box packaging offer?

    Custom rigid boxes offer all possible freedom to create personalized packaging. From closure to insert parts to internal support and assembly options, you get the freedom to customize every aspect.

    Custom Printed Rigid boxes have massive benefits as a packaging solution, hence, every brand prefers to use these custom printed boxes. However, they are a luxury that few can afford.

    These custom rigid boxes provide great protection and security. Your product stays safe when in these boxes.  Furthermore, your clients get to experience the most luxurious and sensational customer experience.

    Note that all luxury rigid boxes are derivatives of pre-cut boxes.

    Typical usage of rigid boxes

    • Rigid Gift boxes
    • Rigid Storage boxes
    • Rigid Transport boxes adapted to the content
    • Rigid Product presentation boxes
    • Rigid Candy boxes
    • Rigid Chocolate Boxes

    Rigid boxes manufacturer.

    The topmost benefit of Luxury rigid boxes is that they are easily customizable. You can print everything from logos to brand names to silhouettes of your brand image. These Luxury rigid boxes can accommodate every aspect of the printing industry. Here are some key point and benefits of Luxury rigid boxes:

    • Color printing available
    • Embossing, stamping, other.
    • No matter the area used (customization on all possible faces)
    • The method of delivery and assembly of rigid boxes is fully or partially assembled.
    • Available in all shapes and styles you can imagine
    • Customizable top-class finish.
    • It can be decorated with accessories like ribbons etc.

    They are an excellent solution for presenting high-quality products and for giving a neat appearance to a package.

    Brands can use our Luxury rigid boxes to display as well as pack jewelry, perfumes, watches, clothing, chocolates, gifts and other luxury goods.

    Box delivered assembled

    There are benefits of getting assembled boxes such as less effort and time spent on assembling it after receiving. However, with assembled boxes, you need to keep in mind the size of your order as the volume can become imposing.

    • Rigid Magnetic boxes
    • Rigid Drawer boxes
    • Rigid Boxes with lid
    • Rigid Foldable boxes
    • Rigid Boxes delivered flat
    • Rigid The pop-up boxes

    It’s better to order flat boxes as assembled gift boxes are often very bulky to store. Flat boxes are to assemble in matter of minutes and they are also easy to store compared to assembled rigid boxes.

    Styles of Rigid boxes

    Rigid box packaging comes in a wide range of styles and shapes. The selection of the shape, style and design depends on you and according to your brand recognition.

    We will discuss a few significant styles in rigid packaging solutions.

    Rigid box with magnetic closing lid

    What is the trend of e-commerce packaging?

    It is a rigid box with a magnetic closing lid. A sophisticated design with elegantly finished rigid box packaging provides an out of the world experience to the customers.

    A delicate luxury rigid box with a magnetic closing lid is a must-have packaging solution for every business that deals with elite class customers.

    You can have a matte or glossy finish, your company logo embossed or hot stamp at the front and at top, make more classic with colors you pick.

    Foldable magnetic rigid boxes

    Foldable magnetic boxes are becoming more popular nowadays. They are inexpensive, compared to a rigid box with a magnetic closure lid. As an import company, one can save a lot by switching to foldable magnetic boxes.

    Our expertise lies with two popular styles and both can accommodate all kinds of personalization and customization.

    Foldable rigid boxes are much easier to stock and easy to assemble as well. You don’t need much time to get it ready for the customers.

    Feel free to let us know if you need a professional suggestion regarding a paper packaging solution.

    Custom cosmetic rigid box.

    Custom packaging designs are also accommodated. Our customer prefers the simple and pure theme for their cosmetic packaging solutions, so they choose stark white designs for drawers. A pure white glossy UV perfectly matches their natural and environmentally friendly products.

    One of the most impactful designs of these rigid boxes is to have the outer bands in a different CMYK print. The print design makes the storage boxes interesting, fresh and energetic which will catch the attention of the people who take care of their appearance.

    Custom Rigid boxes provide versatility to your product to preserve the product from light and other environmental elements along with safety and protection to your glass bottles.

    Custom jewelry rigid boxes.

    Custom jewelry rigid boxes are a series of designer packaging for a luxury jewelry brand.

    The objects inside are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants. All boxes contain removable black velvet insert for displaying the product.

    You can customize your design on color, logo material, and finish. Hot Marking or Spot UV on highlight your brand using a custom printed paper with a color pattern that matchbox style gift box looks a different way.

    You can use ribbons as an accessory to your rigid packaging box. These ribbons are available in all colors and tones. We are looking forward to offering you customized packaging solutions.

    Custom rigid gift boxes.

    Custom rigid gift boxes are very much in demand for those companies that require stronger and tougher packaging boxes for their products. Despite their elegant demeanor, our custom rigid gift boxes can handle heavy weights due to the strong structure.

    The primary use of the rigid box is to provide elegance to the product. Not only that but are also great for impressing the customers in a more sophisticated way. Create a brand image by using different sizes and shapes for different products.

    Collapsible rigid boxes are trending these days. These are not only easy to store, but also easy to assemble. Hence, they are high in demand.

    Many rigid packaging companies are looking to provide their customers with such an experience that they can share with others. Custom printed collapsible rigid boxes work as a marketing tool as well.

    Rigid candle box, rigid gift boxes with lid, foldable rigid boxes with lids, and magnet are packaging solutions for you. You can order rigid gift boxes on wholesale prices with Blue Box Packaging.

    Custom rigid chocolate boxes

    Who in the universe doesn’t love chocolate?

    Use custom rigid chocolate boxes to make your product prominent on the shelves of any store. These custom printed rigid chocolate boxes provide elegance and grace. Moreover, you can add charm and significance to your product. Your extraordinary product looks even more spectacular in these luxurious boxes.

    The designing of these rigid boxes depends on you. How far you are willing to take your product? How much this product means to you? Alongside with this packaging solution, you can create brand awareness and compel more customers to buy your product.

    Blue Box Packaging.

    Blue box has been proudly serving its customers for me than a decade. We are working as a trustworthy packaging solution provider to many rigid packaging companies.

    Our team of expert and talented graphic designers is always here to help you out with your creative designs. If you already have a design for your custom rigid packaging, we can make them even better for you. Our experts can make your designs come to life.

    As soon you confirm your design, your packaging will be put into the production. Within days you will have your packaging at your doorstep.

    Good packaging is essential for your product. It provides dignity and charm along with delicacy to your product. Contact our sales experts today for your quotation and they will provide affordable packaging price to you.

    The sky is the limit for rigid boxes as they serve several purposes. Their versatility is their strongest suit. Only your imagination can put a limit on these luxury boxes. The best thing is that you can get custom rigid boxes according to your needs and preferences.

    Rigid boxes for business

    Some businesses want to give out gifts to their customers. However, they demand to have packaging that not only impresses their clients but also serves a purpose. They look for sustainable solutions that are hard to throw out as well as forget.

    Get noticed and impress your clients with our customizable rigid boxes. Make your brand extra visible by personalizing your logo on every box.

    Get cheaper rates on customization

    People have a general misconception that rigid boxes suppliers charge a lot of money for customization. However, that’s not true; contrary to popular misconception, they are pretty affordable. Blue Box Packaging offers sustainable, affordable as well as customizable solutions to all brands.

    It is your way of standing out of the crowd and doing something truly unique for your customer that will entice them to revisit your outlet. If you are looking for an affordable deal, order a wholesale quantity. Ordering in such a manner will help you avail further price cuts. This will ensure that you have a steady supply of gift boxes available for giving out.

    Customize rigid boxes for any occasion

    There is an increasing trend of customized gift boxes for weddings, birthdays, parties, get together, reunions, engagements, anniversaries, and all other kinds of occasions. If you are planning your event ahead of time, you can order rigid bulk gift boxes in advance from Blue Box Packaging and make your event one-of-a-kind with its unique customization of give-away boxes.

    Numerous uses of rigid boxes

    There are countless uses of rigid boxes. Customize and use as per your preference. Like we mentioned earlier, the sky is the limit for these boxes. You can use them as rigid apparel gift boxes, rigid jewelry gift boxes, rigid shirt boxes, rigid luxury packaging boxes, rigid wedding gift boxes, or anything else.

    The black rigid box is the most popular with our customers. However, you can also get white, brown, and any other color you like. Size and shape will base on your choice and preference. In this way, you can get rigid boxes of any kind that suit your needs.

    How much does customization cost?

    This is the most common question in customers’ minds that keeps them from customization. Well, finding an answer to this question has never been simpler. You can fill up a quick online form and choose the options according to your preference. Once done, you will be one click away from finding out how much it will cost you. Bring class to your brand by using rigid boxes with lids from Blue Box Packaging!

    Box Style
    Punch Partition, Tuck Flap Box, Pillow Box, Gable Box, Sleeve Box
    Dimension (L + W + H)
    All Custom Sizes Available
    100 - 500,000
    Paper Stock
    10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock
    Plain, CMYK Colors, PMS (Pantone Matching System), Spot Colors
    Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling
    Included Options
    Die Cutting, Gluing, Perforation
    Additional Options
    Embossing, Window Patching, (Gold, silver, Copper, Red, Blue Foil Stamping)
    Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)

    Standard Turnaround Time:

    After getting the artwork approved, it takes 5-7 business days for producing the box and further 5-7 business days for the shipment to be conveyed. While in the case of corrugated boxes and folding cartons the turnaround time is between 15-22 business days which include 10-15 business days for the production of boxes and 5-7 business days for the shipping to reach your doorstep. When talking about rigid boxes the production time is increased to 25-30 business days and so is the shipping time from 25-35 business days.

    Expedite Turnaround Time:

    Once the job is sent for production after the approval of artwork the production time for corrugated boxes and folding cartons is 8-10 business days whereas shipping requires 5-7 business days. In case of rigid boxes, the expedited turnaround time varies as per the quantities and will be quoted accordingly.

    Ship Flat, Packed in Boxes, UPS, Fedex, DHL

    Artwork Preparation Guide

    If your graphic files do not meet our specifications, Blue Box Packaging will not be charged for any resulting typographical errors. Read our artwork preparation to prepare your files for submission, or contact us for help from a packaging specialist!

    design template dieline
    design template cuttingscorring area

    Cut & Crease Line (Red Lines):

    Displays the section in its final size and where the box should be folded.. Important graphics and text should be placed at least 0.125 inches from the cut line.

    design template bleed area

    Bleed Line (Blue Lines):

    Indicates where the drain section is located. All graphics that run up to the cut line should be extended to the cut line for a transparent print.

    design template safe area

    Safety Margin(Green Lines):

    Specifies where to safely place illustrations and text. As an industry standard, all graphics should be placed at least 0.125 inches from the cut line unless your design is intended.

    design template perforation line

    Perforation (Dotted Black Lines):

    The perforation line refers to paper punched with very small holes to make it easier to tear and fold the paper.

    01 Choose your order

    Choose your order Search our curated library of custom cardboard boxes, packaging and other custom printed products and compile an inventory of products that may be suitable for your project. Make sure to mark your favourite products or add them to your cart with all your custom sizes and options to keep track of what fascinates you. Once you have made your selections, you can submit your quote request to begin your entire packaging journey. Alternatively, if you're trying to find something that you simply can't find in our library, you can visit our Get a Quote page and submit a custom quote.

    02 Request a Quote

    Once you have sent your quote request through our Add to Quote Cart or Request a Quote page with all your product specifications, our product specialists will get started on preparing your quote. Simple quotes can be ready and sent back to you in as little as 1-2 business days. For more complicated projects that require custom structural or material sourcing may take longer. Your dedicated product specialist will reach out to you to keep you connected throughout the entire packaging process.

    03 Place Your Order

    Place Your Order Once you have received your quotation from our product specialist, please review it to ensure that all of your quotation details are correct. If you have any further questions about your offering, always contact your product specialist for more information. If you are satisfied with your offer and can continue, pay through our secure payment portal, which our product specialists make available to you. As soon as your order has been placed, our designers will quickly prepare your individual dielines!

    04 Get Your Custom Dielines

    Get Your Custom Dielines After your order is placed, a floor line or artwork template file is required for your artwork to be placed. For single floorboards, our designers can prepare your file in 1 to 2 working days. However, more complex structures would require additional hours and design costs. Most of our custom Dieline files contain structural information that we can use to create a 3D digital model of your packaging after you put your artwork on the file. This allows you to preview your packaging before production to make any necessary changes or corrections.

    05 Prepare Your Artwork

    Prepare Your Artwork Designs Let your creativity run wild, because now is the time to design your works of art on our custom floorboards. Be sure to follow the illustration guidelines in our general illustration guide to avoid startup issues. When your graphic is ready, upload your updated file to your product specialist. Our specialist graphic designers will review your designs and create a 3D digital model of your packaging for you to review before starting to manufacturing/producing your order.

    06 Begin Production

    Begin Production Once you've approved everything, your packaging production begins! During this phase, our product specialists will keep you up to date with production and shipping updates!
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    Trustpilot Client Reivews

    Wedd Frix
    20 October I was searching for a packaging provider for my jewelry line up then I found Blue Box.They helped me create an amazing box exactly as I had imagined in my mind. Edward helped me walk through the proce...
    24 April As a startup company, BlueBox was sensitive to my need for packaging to be the best that it can be to represent my new brand. There was no option to tweak overtime. Time is not a luxury my company has...
    Paul Mueller
    28 June When it comes to cosmetic packaging, I always go for something which looks different and feels great to the touch. Blue Box Packaging offered me soft touch lamination which (to be honest) I never hear...

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How to make rigid box?
      1. Get some templates (I have made mine by printing out pictures on standard A4 printer paper).
      2. Cut apart your templates along all black lines.
      3. Fold along all grey lines.
      4. Glue together the parts that are meant to be glued together, and then glue them onto the box where they belong.
      5. Make a small slit in each fold with your knife or scissors to make sure that your folds stay put when you have applied glue on it.
      6. Then apply some glue on every fold and fold it back so that you get a nice neat edge on all sides of the box!
    • How to Select luxury rigid box manufacturer?
      One thing that you need to know about luxury rigid box manufacturer is exactly what your requirements are. If you already have experience with luxury rigid box manufacturer before, chances are there is at least one luxury rigid box manufacturer out there which will meet all of your expectations. If not, then find out more so that you can narrow down your options and select only those products which are most appropriate for your needs. This will also help save time as well as money because you will not end up wasting it on a luxury rigid box manufacturer that does not satisfy you.
    • What are rigid gift boxes?
      Rigid gift boxes are uniform, uniform sized packages that serve as a safe way to transport presents and other fragile items without them getting damaged or broken. In addition, they can also be used by buyers to ship out their own items. The point of a rigid box is that it has a uniform, flat shape which makes looking for the right sized one much easier. They come in many different sizes and can be customized with printed paper or use printed stickers instead. One advantage of using a rigid box over a soft one is that they have stronger walls so you don't have to worry about denting them no matter how rough you handle them while transporting the package from your doorstep to the recipient's doorstep. Buying rigid gift boxes can be tricky if you don't know what you're looking for.
    • What are rigid gift boxes used for?
      Rigid gift boxes are mainly used by sellers who need a safe way to get their products from one place to another, safely . In addition, because they have flat walls it makes filling them up pretty easy so long as whatever you're trying to put in there fits. It won't matter if your box is half full or not because your item will still be snug and safe. This makes them ideal for people who want to sell their own products or oversized items that wouldn't fit into a soft gift box, like extra large pillows or bean bags. When you use rigid gift boxes as the packaging material they also give you more protection than if you were to simply put your stuff in a shipping envelope because it prevents your package from getting crushed by other products on the conveyor belt (in case you're doing large volume business).
    • What are some common sizes of Rigid Gift Boxes?
      Rigid Gift Box- Large
      They can come in many different colors and ratios but this is the most common and popular one. The measurements for this size box is: 15 1/8"" x 12 7/8"" x 5 3/8"". It can hold objects that measure up to 12 1/4"" depth, 10 1/2"" width and 5 3/4"" height. Rigid Gift Box- Small
      Another size you should be aware of is a smaller version known as the small rigid gift boxes . They have dimensions of: 9 ½ "" x 4 ¾ "" x 2 ½ "". This size is great for shipping jewelry, clothes or something else where space is an issue."
    • What are Rigid Gift Boxes made out of?
      Rigid gift boxes vary in material but they usually average around 30-50 lbs in terms of thickness. The most durable material that's used to make these boxes is a high density cardboard known as Corrugated fiberboard . It's a special type of paper that has been pressed together and glued with a wax substance. In addition, its unique layers allows it to bend easily without getting damaged or dented too much, which is why it's great for shipping items because you want your product to be protected from rough handling.
    • What is rigit boxes wholesale?
      Varying the materials used to make your product will not only increase its durability, but can also give it a more distinctive look. This is why some retailers select rigid gift boxes wholesale that are made of wood rather than cardboard for their packaging purposes. Now, there are many types of wooden box available on the market which you can consider using for your business too; one of them is the pine hollow out storage box.
    • What are rigid carton box?
      The rigid carton box can be made by folding of the corrugated sheet, usually of . It may have included added board of recycled fiber content of 5% to 30%. Cartons are printed using flexography, gravure printing, letterpress seals and metallizing. Recently, another form of printing has become more common called Flexo printing which prints 4 colors at one time with 2 flexo-printing plates. This method is also used on ceramics.
    • how to select custom rigid box packaging?
      A custom rigid box packaging consists of a cardboard stiffened with hard material on all surfaces except the top surface. A custom sized corrugated board with at least two flutes combined with a solid cardboard form the basis for this type of box. Another typical feature of a rigid box is its strength which ensures safe transportation conditions by protecting the goods inside from shocks and vibrations. The ribs make it possible to expand when filled but they will not bend under pressure like an ordinary carton. Additionally, if cutouts are made in one of the sides, they will not tear out even when pulled with the maximum force.
    • Types of custom rigid box packaging?
      There are various types of packaging available on the market in this category, each one offering different benefits and characteristics which must be taken into consideration when making a purchase. A custom rigid box packaging is made up of three components: an envelope for protection, with or without compartments inside, according to what you need to protect, plus inserts that create compartments in order to better organize your products and achieve excellent presentation results.
    • How to select rigid box packaging suppliers?
      The first thing I would say is that you should use your intuition as well as checking for robust fact-based information when choosing a supplier of rigid boxes or any other type of packaging. When your suppliers are giving you an estimate it might sound great but don’t be afraid to not buy from them right here and now if there are doubts about their competency.
    • What are luxury rigid boxes?
      There are a lot of different kinds of boxes, sized and shaped differently - but one type of box that stands out is the luxury rigid box. These types of boxes usually have a specific design to them, and they're typically made from high-quality materials. When you think about buying a small gift for someone special in your life, these boxes can add an extra touch of elegance when it comes to packaging your presents.
    • What are common types of Rigid boxes wholesale?
      Rigid boxes are the most common type of packaging, used for shipping a wide variety of items. Shoe boxes, printer paper boxes and pizza delivery boxes are all examples of rigid box packaging. The size, shape and strength required for a particular shipment is what dictates which type of box to use. For example, long narrow objects like books or CDs typically require tall thin boxes with little depth so that they can be stacked in warehouse storage without taking up too much room vertically.
    • What are flap lip rigid Boxes?
      One common type of customized rigid box packaging that works well for long term storage, includes lid flaps on one end with an open space inside the box itself. These types of boxes are good choices for storing things like holiday decorations because they keep dust from collecting while still allowing you easy access to whatever it is need stored inside them when needed.
    • Can we use rigid boxes for shipping glass products?
      Yes! Rigid boxes are also used for shipping glass products like drinking glasses or bottles. The manufacturing process of glass is challenging; creating cups, bowls, plates and even jars can be difficult if the tempered glass is not formed correctly. It's important to use the rigid box that best fits what you're trying to ship in order to minimize damage that may occur during transit.
    • What are rigid book boxes?
      Rigid book boxes are a creative way of packaging books in the same way they are traditionally found in bookstores. They are made of cardboard, with all four sides being equal in size they are somewhat square in shape. The rigid boxes have an open top with no flap or cover attached at the front allowing easy access to the books inside. Traditional packaging for books is generally clear plastic that keeps the contents secure but does not allow for customers to get a full view of what is inside of their purchase until it is opened which can be frustrating if customers inadvertently receive items that do not fit their tastes
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