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Straight Tuck Box

A straight tuck box features design where the top and bottom flaps of the box fold in the same direction, creating a straight tuck closure. This closure allows for easy opening and closing of the box while providing a secure fit. It is used for a wide range of products. These boxes are typically made from sturdy materials such as cardboard, ensuring durability and protection for the packaged items. This box is mainly used for retail products, food items, and cosmetics. With its straightforward design and practicality, straight tuck box provides a reliable and visually appealing packaging solution.


Customization Options for Straight Tuck Box

Customization options for straight tuck boxes provide businesses endless possibilities to create packaging solutions that truly stand out. From choosing the perfect size and dimensions to fit their unique products to selecting materials that align with their brand values, customization allows for a tailored packaging experience. The ability to print branding elements, such as logos, product names, and captivating designs, enhances brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression on customers. Color options enable businesses to create packaging that matches their brand aesthetic or product themes, creating a cohesive visual experience.

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Benefits of Straight Tuck Box

A straight tuck box can fit various product sizes and shapes, providing versatility for different industries. It offers ample space for branding and printing options, allowing businesses to showcase their logos, product information, and designs, which enhances brand recognition and customer engagement. Additionally, the compact design of straight tuck boxes makes them easy to store, stack, and display, optimizing shelf space and maximizing efficiency. The benefits of straight tuck boxes include convenience, protection, customization options, and an attractive presentation that effectively promotes products and enhances the overall customer experience.


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Material Selection

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Artwork Preparation

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Start Production

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We use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure that your custom boxes are strong and secure. We understand the importance of protecting delicate items, so our packaging solutions provide optimal protection for your product.

Cardboard C1S

A soft matte-like coating on the front side of the paper but not the back.

Cardboard C2S

A soft matt-like coating on both sides of paper.

Natural Brown Kraft

An unbleached, brown paper commonly used for eco-friendly and rustic packaging.

Black Kraft

Kraft with black dye is called black Kraft, often used for sophisticated and elegant packaging designs.

White Kraft

A natural brown paper that has been bleached or coated to make it white.

Textured Cardboard

Offers a distinct look and feel, commonly used for premium packaging.

Metallic Cardboard

It has a shiny and reflective metallic finish for premium packaging, specialty printing, or decoration.

Holographic Cardboard

A three-dimensional, shifting, and colorful appearance when exposed to light.

Our box packaging finishing services include lamination, hot stamping, gloss finishing, and special effects like holographic foiling. We use the latest technologies to ensure that your custom boxes look beautiful and last a long time.

Gloss Finish

A surface treatment applied to printed materials, creating a shiny, reflective appearance, and polished texture.

Matte Finish

This finish gives printed materials a subtle, elegant, and smooth appearance without glare or shine.

Soft Touch Finish

Creates a velvety and tactile texture that gives the touch a luxurious, smooth, and pleasant feel.

Pearlescent Finish

Creates the illusion of a soft, glowing sheen, similar to a pearl, enhances the visual appeal.

The modern packing industry has many innovative entries; holographic boxes are one such innovation. The fashion and cosmetics industry will be incomplete without these excellent packing solutions. The hologram-based patterns for logo designs and branding are also best for branding purposes. In short, it is the best way to make your packaging eye-catching and stand out in the crowd of various other boxes. Manufacturers use that technique to alleviate the buying experience of their end-users. The very look of these boxes enthralls whoever puts the first glance at them.


A printing technique that uses metallic or pigmented foils to create shiny and decorative designs.


It creates a raised surface design, adding a tactile and three-dimensional effect.


It involves pressing a design into a surface, creating a depressed or indented effect.

Spot UV

A clear varnish that uses ultraviolet light to enhance your products' overall appearance.

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