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    What is Custom Watch Box Packaging?

    The custom watch boxes are a great way to present a gift of watches. It’s also a perfect way to store the watches and show them off. There are many different options for you to customize the custom watch boxes to best suit your needs. One of the most popular features is the velvet-lined tray, which allows you to show off the watches while protecting their surface finish.

    How You Can Design Your Product with Customized Packaging Option

    1. The first type is the traditional way which includes a paper or cardboard box with inserts and ribbon.
    2. The second type is something more modern, which involves custom-made watch boxes. Custom watch boxes are designed to protect watches better than conventional packaging, but they also come with a more luxurious look. Here, are some ways to make your watch look great in its new custom-made box.
    3. A watch is a piece of art. It’s not just about telling time – it’s about making a statement. But what do you do if you want to make your statement in style? You need the perfect packaging for your product, and with watches, that means finding the best custom watch boxes.
    4. A good watch box should protect your product while showcasing its beauty. It should also be easy to open, so you don’t have to damage the packaging or risk damaging your product when you open it. That way, it’ll always look like new when you’re ready to give it as a gift or display it on your shelf. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect custom watch boxes for your needs.

    Packaging Design for Watches and their Importance.

    The custom watch boxes packaging design is made to look like a rigid box that holds 1-2 watches. The outside of the box has an engraved logo. The inside features a black felt interior with cut-outs to hold the watch and straps.

    Watches can be a very personal and sentimental gift. They are also one of the best gifts to give for a variety of occasions including graduation, Father’s Day, Christmas, and more. Sometimes watches are given to commemorate a milestone or event. Giving someone an engraved watch is like giving them a part of you with every passing second.

    Design your own Box with Blue Box Packaging

    With the help of Blue Box Packaging, you can make a watch stockpiling box that imitates your logo and connects to the topics and themes of your watch. Add extravagance bundling components like an addition, inward printing, hot stepping or UV print to flaunt the class of your watches and cause your wearer to feel like they’re holding something uncommon – in light of the fact that they are.

    What makes custom cardboard watch box so special?

    There are several reasons why people consider using these boxes instead of other containers available out there:

    Environmental Benefits

    A custom cardboard watch box is made from recycled materials. It means that the manufacturers of these boxes use rejected papers, boxes, and other wasteful products to manufacture them. Thus, you can be sure that there would be no harmful effects on the environment while using these boxes.

    Unique Designs

    Custom cardboard watch box is not just a packaging material that may come in different shapes and sizes; it also has an important role when it comes to their designs. Everyone wants their product to look special; thus, they need something unique at first glance. With custom cardboard watch box, this becomes possible because it is available in various colors and patterns. A single logo or picture can make it even more attractive for your customers when you want sell watches wholesale .

    Personalized Packaging

    There are some companies that provide custom cardboard watch box to their customers. If you choose this type of boxes, then you will receive a unique packaging material that has been designed especially for you. You can be sure that your product would stand out from the rest because it would have an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

    Durable Structure

    A custom cardboard watch box is very durable and sturdy. It means that the chances of damage or breakage will be minimal by using these boxes. Moreover, you can keep your watches protected from dust, water, humidity, etc., without worrying too much about their safety.

    Different Shapes and Sizes

    These boxes come in various different shapes and size options, thus allowing people to choose what they actually need. The sizes of these boxes are particularly perfect for watches because they can fit in them perfectly.

    Different Finishes

    There are some companies that provide custom cardboard watch box with different types of covers. This is important because the material use to make the outer surface or cover will play an essential role in enhancing or protecting its value. You can be sure that your investment will not go down the drain by choosing a good quality cover for your product packaging.

    Bespoke Custom-made Product Boxes

    Need to show your containers off to the world in a store window or on the web? Our packaging design team can work with you to make watch display boxes of any shape, of any size. A wide scope of completions that add a dash of class and polish to your custom watch box packaging.

    Cosmetic Packaging and Watch Boxes

    Cosmetic packaging has been designed to protect cosmetics from damage or degradation, as well as allow its contents to remain visible through transparent containers such as cylindrical tubes. Many cosmetic packages are designed to be opened easily with one hand, allowing more convenience for consumer use at home or on the move.

    This design aspect may go beyond physical ease of opening a package and include wider issues of environmental friendliness and technical functionality. Packages may be produced from both recycled and renewable materials.

    Key Features of Watch Boxes:

    • Premium Quality Stock 
    • Exact Sizing 
    • Exact colours 
    • Vivacious Printing 
    • Greatest Strength and Retention 
    • Cardboard Wristwatch Packaging Boxes 

    Get Your Custom Cardboard Wrist Watch Boxes at Blue Box Packaging. Wholesale Cardboard Wrist Watch Packaging Boxes with Logo Made In Custom Shapes, Sizes, And Designs. Also, we give quality, mistake free packaging administrations with free delivery all through the United States. Push boxes to the edge with adjusted shapes, affordable embellishments, gigantic print yield.

    A lot more customizations—fitted simple wristwatch in critical in flexible cases to adjust the value. Free plan and conveyance make your bundling commonality far better and more open. Custom retail and discount boxes are an ideal decision for your item assortment. 

    Box Style
    Punch Partition, Tuck Flap Box, Pillow Box, Gable Box, Sleeve Box
    Dimension (L + W + H)
    All Custom Sizes Available
    100 - 500,000
    Paper Stock
    10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock
    Plain, CMYK Colors, PMS (Pantone Matching System), Spot Colors
    Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling
    Included Options
    Die Cutting, Gluing, Perforation
    Additional Options
    Embossing, Window Patching, (Gold, silver, Copper, Red, Blue Foil Stamping)
    Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)

    Standard Turnaround Time:

    After getting the artwork approved, it takes 5-7 business days for producing the box and further 5-7 business days for the shipment to be conveyed. While in the case of corrugated boxes and folding cartons the turnaround time is between 15-22 business days which include 10-15 business days for the production of boxes and 5-7 business days for the shipping to reach your doorstep. When talking about rigid boxes the production time is increased to 25-30 business days and so is the shipping time from 25-35 business days.

    Expedite Turnaround Time:

    Once the job is sent for production after the approval of artwork the production time for corrugated boxes and folding cartons is 8-10 business days whereas shipping requires 5-7 business days. In case of rigid boxes, the expedited turnaround time varies as per the quantities and will be quoted accordingly.

    Ship Flat, Packed in Boxes, UPS, Fedex, DHL

    Artwork Preparation Guide

    If your graphic files do not meet our specifications, Blue Box Packaging will not be charged for any resulting typographical errors. Read our artwork preparation to prepare your files for submission, or contact us for help from a packaging specialist!

    design template dieline
    design template cuttingscorring area

    Cut & Crease Line (Red Lines):

    Displays the section in its final size and where the box should be folded.. Important graphics and text should be placed at least 0.125 inches from the cut line.

    design template bleed area

    Bleed Line (Blue Lines):

    Indicates where the drain section is located. All graphics that run up to the cut line should be extended to the cut line for a transparent print.

    design template safe area

    Safety Margin(Green Lines):

    Specifies where to safely place illustrations and text. As an industry standard, all graphics should be placed at least 0.125 inches from the cut line unless your design is intended.

    design template perforation line

    Perforation (Dotted Black Lines):

    The perforation line refers to paper punched with very small holes to make it easier to tear and fold the paper.

    01 Choose your order

    Choose your order Search our curated library of custom cardboard boxes, packaging and other custom printed products and compile an inventory of products that may be suitable for your project. Make sure to mark your favourite products or add them to your cart with all your custom sizes and options to keep track of what fascinates you. Once you have made your selections, you can submit your quote request to begin your entire packaging journey. Alternatively, if you're trying to find something that you simply can't find in our library, you can visit our Get a Quote page and submit a custom quote.

    02 Request a Quote

    Once you have sent your quote request through our Add to Quote Cart or Request a Quote page with all your product specifications, our product specialists will get started on preparing your quote. Simple quotes can be ready and sent back to you in as little as 1-2 business days. For more complicated projects that require custom structural or material sourcing may take longer. Your dedicated product specialist will reach out to you to keep you connected throughout the entire packaging process.

    03 Place Your Order

    Place Your Order Once you have received your quotation from our product specialist, please review it to ensure that all of your quotation details are correct. If you have any further questions about your offering, always contact your product specialist for more information. If you are satisfied with your offer and can continue, pay through our secure payment portal, which our product specialists make available to you. As soon as your order has been placed, our designers will quickly prepare your individual dielines!

    04 Get Your Custom Dielines

    Get Your Custom Dielines After your order is placed, a floor line or artwork template file is required for your artwork to be placed. For single floorboards, our designers can prepare your file in 1 to 2 working days. However, more complex structures would require additional hours and design costs. Most of our custom Dieline files contain structural information that we can use to create a 3D digital model of your packaging after you put your artwork on the file. This allows you to preview your packaging before production to make any necessary changes or corrections.

    05 Prepare Your Artwork

    Prepare Your Artwork Designs Let your creativity run wild, because now is the time to design your works of art on our custom floorboards. Be sure to follow the illustration guidelines in our general illustration guide to avoid startup issues. When your graphic is ready, upload your updated file to your product specialist. Our specialist graphic designers will review your designs and create a 3D digital model of your packaging for you to review before starting to manufacturing/producing your order.

    06 Begin Production

    Begin Production Once you've approved everything, your packaging production begins! During this phase, our product specialists will keep you up to date with production and shipping updates!
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    Wedd Frix
    20 October I was searching for a packaging provider for my jewelry line up then I found Blue Box.They helped me create an amazing box exactly as I had imagined in my mind. Edward helped me walk through the proce...
    24 April As a startup company, BlueBox was sensitive to my need for packaging to be the best that it can be to represent my new brand. There was no option to tweak overtime. Time is not a luxury my company has...
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    28 June When it comes to cosmetic packaging, I always go for something which looks different and feels great to the touch. Blue Box Packaging offered me soft touch lamination which (to be honest) I never hear...

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is custom watch box?
      The best known brands of watches make their presence all around the world. All these popular brands sell thousands of watches every year, thus creating the necessity for a protective packaging. Without this protective packaging, it might be very difficult to keep your watches intact. Some companies may package their products in cardboard cases or other types of containers that are made from different materials. However, there are some people who prefer something more organic and natural. Yes, you guessed it right; they prefer custom boxes because these boxes can prove to be extremely useful in many ways.
    • What are custom engraved watch boxes?
      A custom engraved watch box is a watch box that already comes with the company's logo or company name on its exterior. These are very popular for companies to give as gifts to clients, prospects, and employees for many reasons. Providing an engraved watch box shows appreciation, has a high perceived value, and just looks great!
    • What are custom-engraved watch boxes made out of?
      The exterior is typically made out of wood, leather, or metal depending on your preference but cardboard is best choice. Some choose to have soft padding inside the case if they want the contents to be safe from being scratched up while some others might want straight hard surfaces so you can mount other items in it too such as a pair of sunglasses or cufflinks.
    • How to design custom made watch box?
      Designing your own custom made watch box that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars and make your masterpieces shine like diamonds in a luxurious dark blue velvet display case . You can design it however you want: with different compartments , several drawers , use as many colors as you want, name it, customize it anyhow you like!
    • Importance of custom watch box packaging?
      Custom watch box packaging is essential for selling your luxury watches. If you are planning to purchase a watch but do not have an appropriate storage for it, then you can try the custom watch box packaging before purchasing it. This will help you to store your watch perfectly if you are purchasing it or else not.
    • what is custom watch gift box?
      A custom watch gift boxes is a box that holds a watch. A person may purchase the box with or without a matching timepiece. These items generally have a design that complements the choice of wristwatch inside, which makes it possible to present both the box and timepiece as a set. The package is typically made from cardboard, wood or faux leather materials. There are also custom double watch gift boxes which contain two watches instead of one. In theory, you can find these packages at any department store or luxury retailer selling high-end wristwatches.
    • From where you can buy custom box for watch?
      There are different types of watch boxes available in the market. It depends on your preference whether you want to buy a wooden box or metal box. There are also plastic boxes which are inexpensive but sturdy enough to hold watches securely inside them.
    • How custom watch box manufacturer give you best Product?
      Watch boxes are perfect to store not just watches, but rings, bracelets, necklaces and other valuables. If you want to keep your pieces organized and protected until the next time you wear them, then this is definitely for you. And if you don't know where to find one of these storage accessories, there are plenty of companies out there that can create custom designs for your collection. At Blue Box Packaging we specialize in creating custom watch boxes - because each piece is unique! We also offer a wide selection of cases that can fit even the largest of collections. What's more is that they make great gifts , whether it be for yourself or someone else!
    • How to get custom watch boxes wholesale?
      If you are looking for custom watch boxes wholesale, then choose any wholesale company which provides these boxes at affordable prices, then Blue Box Packagin is best option to consider. The custom watch box can be made up of different material based on the type of product that needs to be packaged in this particular box.
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