Burger Boxes

Made with quality food-grade material, these boxes are durable and handy, keep burgers warm and safe.

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Custom Burger Boxes

Custom burger boxes are the perfect solution for your fast-food packaging requirements. Your delicious burgers are carefully packaged in these boxes to remain fresh and hot until they are delivered to your customers. Our custom boxes are made from food-grade packaging stock that is eco-friendly and of high quality. Their sturdy and durable material makes them ideal for transportation, preventing oil drops from leaking, and perfect for use as takeout containers, delivery, and dining in. Moreover, these boxes are available in various sizes and colors, making them an excellent means for businesses to capture the attention of their customers. 

Custom Hamburger Boxes with Innovative Styles

Using our customized burger boxes, you can upgrade your fast food packaging and offer customers a memorable experience. Packaging your burgers is essential in ensuring the food remains safe and protected during its journey. Therefore, you must choose durable, sturdy, and food-safe materials. For this purpose, cardboard is the perfect material due to its lightweight, durability, and sustainability. We promote a green and healthy environment with our eco-friendly kraft boxes. Moreover, logos and custom designs can be printed using different color schemes. Add-ons can enhance the overall appearance of the burger box and create a unique feel. With all of these customizations, your customers are guaranteed to enjoy their fast-food box experience. 

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Make Foodies Love You with Custom Burger Boxes

If you are in the food industry, you know how important packaging is to business success. Customers are always conscious of product packaging before making a purchase decision. Adding your company logo and other details to burger boxes can help your business succeed. Branding elements on boxes enable companies to develop long-term relationships with their customers. The burger packaging we provide for your burgers conveys information about your product. Using our custom-printed burger boxes is the key to getting ahead of your competitors. For your brand to make a lasting impression, let our design team assist you in creating an attractive, functional, and cost-effective package.

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Variety Of Custom Boxes Available On Wholesale Prices

Blue Box Packaging offers a variety of custom boxes at wholesale pricing


Holographic Boxes

A box with an eye-catching prismatic effect to create a truly stunning visual experience.


Toy Boxes

A kid's attention-grabbing box with cartoon images that let them feel connected to the playable item.


Travel Candle Set

Your customers will be able to see your creativity with these custom-printed travel candle sets.


Tuck Top Boxes

In tuck top boxes top flap of the box is tucked into the front of the box, creating a secure closure.


Kraft Boxes

Competitive in pricing, environment friendly nature, and made of recycled material.


Hexagon Boxes

Creative shape with six corners and stunning work of art, perfect for a range of products.


We use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure that your custom boxes are strong and secure. We understand the importance of protecting delicate items, so our packaging solutions provide optimal protection for your product.

Cardboard C1S
Cardboard C2S
Natural Brown Kraft
Black Kraft
White Kraft
Textured Cardboard
Metallic Cardboard
Holographic Cardboard

Our box packaging finishing services include lamination, hot stamping, gloss finishing, and special effects like holographic foiling. We use the latest technologies to ensure that your custom boxes look beautiful and last a long time.

Gloss Finish
Matte Finish
Soft Touch Finish
Pearlescent Finish

The modern packing industry has many innovative entries; holographic boxes are one such innovation. The fashion and cosmetics industry will be incomplete without these excellent packing solutions. The hologram-based patterns for logo designs and branding are also best for branding purposes. In short, it is the best way to make your packaging eye-catching and stand out in the crowd of various other boxes. Manufacturers use that technique to alleviate the buying experience of their end-users. The very look of these boxes enthralls whoever puts the first glance at them.

Spot UV

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Burger Packaging?
    First of all, the most important role of the burger's packaging is to protect the burger from any damage. Burgers are very delicate items, since they contain soft breads and ingredients such as tomatoes and lettuce next to relatively hard substances such as beef patties. Their packaging must be strong enough to hold the sandwich outer layers in place while also being able to fit into a bag. Since people usually carry around bags with nowhere specific to put things, the bag itself must be sturdy too.
  • How to Design the Packaging for Burgers?
    The packaging is important for both customers and companies. Customers want a burger with a wrapper so they can hold it and carry it away from the store without getting their hands dirty, burgers without wrappers are not very hygienic. Companies need to design burgers with wrappers because making them without wrappers would be time-consuming, messy, and expensive.
  • How can packaging be a good option for your product?
    Obviously packaging assumes an enormous part in the apparent worth of an item and in general, the packaging business truly hasn't changed a lot in the previous years, contrasted with the consistent developments made in convenient innovation. With all the bundling and box decisions accessible in the present market, it regularly becomes hard to choose the most proper packaging answer for your item. We should investigate a portion of the various sorts of packaging alternatives you can use to upgrade your item and client experience!

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