Become An Affiliate


What is Our Affiliate Program?

We believe in mutual growth. If you would like to be your own boss and want to earn a passive income, come and join hands together. If you are good in marketing and have strong business relations, we will help you to capitalize your skills. You can join us either through online and offline marketing techniques.

If you have good sales skills and clients, we will offer attractive commissions whenever your buyers will buy from BLUE BOX PACKAGING.

What You Will Get:

All you need to forward the details to us for your desired job. Our team of experts will work on that to convert the client. If your client will buy from us you will get competitive commissions and have not to worry about client handling BLUE BOX PACKAGING will take care all the operations including shipping, taxes, returns etc.

You will be getting monthly newsletter for new discounts and coupon codes. You will be eligible for commissions on sales originating from your site or reference withing 30 days after initiating the sale.

How To Get Started:

Please fill the following form and provide the required details. Once you will be approved and taken onboard for affiliate marketing you can start working with the team of BLUE BOX PACKAGING. If you will be having any quires please feel free to write us on