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Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes  Wholesale

Boxes with magnetic lids, also known as magnetic closure boxes, enhance the overall value of a brand by providing a premium unboxing experience. With sturdy materials, these custom magnetic boxes are perfect for high-end products. There’s no better luxury package than custom magnetic closure boxes available in collapsible boxes and non-collapsible styles. Several customization features are available for bands and retailers to choose from. Magnetic closure boxes can be embellished with graphics, striking images, typographic designs, and silver and gold foiling. Using magnetic boxes for luxury cosmetic packaging can enhance the customer’s experience and increase customer loyalty to your brand.


Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes Made from Hi-Quality Material

The design and structure of Blue Box Packaging’s magnetic closure boxes are both unique and high-end.. All magnetic packaging boxes are designed with solid gray board material. We use premium quality, thick rigid stock covered in premium paper to manufacture magnetic box packaging. A customized magnetic closure box is adequate to seal all retail items. Hence, magnetic closure boxes are regularly used by companies that need to make a good impression on their clients. The magnetic  jewelry boxes are upscale and perfect for giving fine jewelry as a gift.

Why Choose BlueBox?

Blue box Packaging is a one-stop facility that offers all kinds of solutions to your personalized packaging needs.

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Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes with Inserts

Magnetic rigid boxes with inserts are handy. These cushioning inserts are ideal for keeping your delicate items safe and secure. In addition, a magnetic packaging box also keeps the product from moving around and causing damage. We suggest foam and silk inserts in magnetic boxes on the grounds. If not for silk, you can choose paperboard as a cost-effective alternative. All inserts are 100% recyclable and sustainable. You can reuse and utilize the magnetic box again and lessen your carbon footprint.


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Material Selection

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Artwork Preparation

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Start Production

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We use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure that your custom boxes are strong and secure. We understand the importance of protecting delicate items, so our packaging solutions provide optimal protection for your product.

Cardboard C1S

A soft matte-like coating on the front side of the paper but not the back.

Cardboard C2S

A soft matt-like coating on both sides of paper.

Natural Brown Kraft

An unbleached, brown paper commonly used for eco-friendly and rustic packaging.

Black Kraft

Kraft with black dye is called black Kraft, often used for sophisticated and elegant packaging designs.

White Kraft

A natural brown paper that has been bleached or coated to make it white.

Textured Cardboard

Offers a distinct look and feel, commonly used for premium packaging.

Metallic Cardboard

It has a shiny and reflective metallic finish for premium packaging, specialty printing, or decoration.

Holographic Cardboard

A three-dimensional, shifting, and colorful appearance when exposed to light.

Our box packaging finishing services include lamination, hot stamping, gloss finishing, and special effects like holographic foiling. We use the latest technologies to ensure that your custom boxes look beautiful and last a long time.

Gloss Finish

A surface treatment applied to printed materials, creating a shiny, reflective appearance, and polished texture.

Matte Finish

This finish gives printed materials a subtle, elegant, and smooth appearance without glare or shine.

Soft Touch Finish

Creates a velvety and tactile texture that gives the touch a luxurious, smooth, and pleasant feel.

Pearlescent Finish

Creates the illusion of a soft, glowing sheen, similar to a pearl, enhances the visual appeal.

The modern packing industry has many innovative entries; holographic boxes are one such innovation. The fashion and cosmetics industry will be incomplete without these excellent packing solutions. The hologram-based patterns for logo designs and branding are also best for branding purposes. In short, it is the best way to make your packaging eye-catching and stand out in the crowd of various other boxes. Manufacturers use that technique to alleviate the buying experience of their end-users. The very look of these boxes enthralls whoever puts the first glance at them.


A printing technique that uses metallic or pigmented foils to create shiny and decorative designs.


It creates a raised surface design, adding a tactile and three-dimensional effect.


It involves pressing a design into a surface, creating a depressed or indented effect.

Spot UV

A clear varnish that uses ultraviolet light to enhance your products' overall appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are custom magnetic boxes?
    Custom magnetic boxes are custom designed cases that contain magnet within their structure. The most common use for these is to hold contents in place, usually in the case of moving an object from point A to point B, or arranging objects on top of one another in a stationary position. They can be used anywhere you would like something to remain in its current position without any additional help, and do so with ease.
  • Which products required custom magnetic boxes?
    Product packaging plays an important role in the promotion of your product and brand. Product packaging solutions can range from custom magnetic boxes to custom foam inserts and much in between. The time has come when both businesses and consumers alike have acknowledged that we must take care in how we package our products not only so they arrive unharmed at their intended destination but also so the presentation reflects positively on us as individuals or organizations representing big brands. A custom magnetic box offers great way to add value, enhances appearance and maximizes shelf appeal because it brings attention to the product and makes it more attractive to the eye.
  • What is the cost of custom magnetic boxes?
    Custom magnetic boxes can be a cheap and effective way to protect and distribute small items. Generally, custom magnetic boxes are used by businesses because they tend to be strong enough to ship potential breakable products. However, because these containers tend to be bulkier than other similar shipping containers, they're generally used only when the product cannot stand up on its own (due to fragility or weight).
  • Are custom magnetic boxes are expensive?
    Custom Magnetic Boxes [CMBs] have been around for years, countless companies have used them and continue to use them every day, either as part of their business, like phone repair shops and retail stores, or home uses such as credit and ID cards. Their main purpose is simple: they give your cards a safe place where they won't get destroyed by dropping or bending. Some even protect against ESD (electrostatic discharge), humidity and water.
  • Can I use magnetic closure box for clothing packaging?
    Custom Magnetic Boxes vs Typical Packaging Shipping boxes - Once you have your product ready, you'll want to get it packaged up nice and safe from being drug around from all angles during the transit process. While a traditional box is certainly good at doing this, particularly thick cardboard ones offer excellent protection in most cases, there is one major downside: their size. In order to get a box large enough for an average mens shirt, you would have to opt for a typical shipping box, which is going to be rather bulky and heavy. Many of our customers use their typical cardboard boxes for smaller items such as socks and underwear, but when it comes time to ship out a nice dress shirt, a regular cardboard box just isn't going to do the trick. Custom Magnetic Boxes - If you are looking for the best packaging solution in this case, look no further than custom magnetic boxes .
  • What are Shipping boxes with magnet?
    A magnetic closure box, also known as a shipping box with integrated magnets, is a shipping container that consists of two pieces. The body of the box has an adhesive strip on one side for attachment to its lid. The body also has two or more powerful magnets attached. These magnets are mounted onto the bottom half of the lid and are attracted to magnet strips inside the top half of the box when it is closed. When attached together, these boxes appear as though they were molded as one piece and can be easily separated by hand without damaging either part.
  • How does a magnetic closure gift box works?
    They work due to basic principles of physics: opposite poles attract and like poles repel each other. This means that if you place two magnets side-by-side, each with the same pole facing the other (one north and one south or both south), they will push away from one another. If you place a north side of one magnet next to a south side of another magnet, however, they will pull toward each other.
  • What types of materials magnetic closure boxes work with?
    These boxes are designed to be used with any standard corrugated box. The adhesive strip on the body of the magnetic box will adhere to almost any smooth surface, but it is not necessary for the inside of your package to have a smooth finish for it to work. However, these magnets are extremely strong and can cause damage if they are allowed to snap together too quickly or are attached next to one another at an angle instead of directly opposite each other.

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