Custom Box Inserts

Custom box inserts are designed to fit snugly within product boxes for secure and organized storage of delicate or intricate items. These packaging inserts are crafted to fit the unique shape and dimensions of the products they protect, giving them a precise and protective fit. A custom box insert is typically made of foam, cardboard, or corrugated material and serves many functions. This minimizes the risk of items getting damaged during transportation. These packaging inlays also enhance the overall presentation of the product, giving it a professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Many industries rely on custom box inserts, including electronics, cosmetics, and luxury goods, to ensure the integrity of the product and deliver exceptional unboxing experiences.

Create an Exclusive Brand Experience


Design and print paper and cardboard inserts that complement your boxes beautifully.

Product Security

A custom-printed box insert keeps your products secure during transit and gives your customers a truly elevated unboxing experience.

Quality & Affordability

Using offset printers that produce sharp, vivid results without breaking the bank.

A Perfect Combination of Engineering and Design

It is more complex than you might think to design an ideal insert. The fact that products are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights, makes it essential to use the appropriate materials, create robust structures to accommodate each item, and ensure a tight seal between the insert and the outer box in order to complete the package.
You won’t have to hire an expensive packaging engineer or purchase expensive equipment. As part of our structural design service for inserts, we can help you create your packaging vision.

An Overview of Common Insert Structures

Inserts are designed to accommodate the size, weight, and position of each product, ensuring optimal security. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Here are a few examples of common insert structures made of paper or cardboard.

Without Backing

Most commonly used for products that can sit right at the base of the box without having to be elevated. Also, these inserts are ideal for similar-sized products.

With Backing

These are generally used to elevate or support similar sized products that will need to be placed in a secure location after being elevated.

Custom Box Inserts Specifications

Here are a few examples of the standard customizations that are available for custom box inserts.

Corrugated Materials

It is better to use box inserts that are corrugated since they are stronger and more durable. A corrugated insert is usually used for heavier, fragile, or shipping items requiring extra cushioning or protection.

This base material is printed with designs before being glued to the corrugated board. At least 50% of the materials are made up of recycled material.


The most common option, with a flute thickness of 1.2-2mm.


Suitable for large boxes and heavy items, with a flute thickness of 2.5-3mm.

White Paper

This paper is best suited to printed corrugated applications.

Brown Kraft Paper

It is ideal for printing only in black or white on unbleached brown paper.

Non-corrugated Materials

Paper-based box inserts are used for lightweight, non-fragile items and are not corrugated. The paper inserts contain at least 50% recycled waste and have a standard thickness of 300-400gsm.

Transporting products safely and securely involves using foam packaging inserts. Designed to fit snugly, they protect fragile or delicate items from damage.

White Paper

Printed corrugated solutions are best achieved with this paper.

Brown Kraft Paper

It is ideal for printing only in black or white on unbleached brown paper.

PU Foam

A sponge-like material, open-cell polyurethane foam is softer and more flexible. You can choose from black or white.

EVA Foam

Foam made from closed-cell Ethylene Vinyl Acetate resembles a yoga mat in its rigidity and density. You can choose between black or white.

Ordering Custom Box Inserts

Getting custom box inserts is as easy as 1-2-3, with tailored support and ongoing consulting every step of the way.

Request an estimate

Create a structural design project with us to receive a box and insert that is uniquely designed to fit your products.

Request a sample (optional)

Ensure the quality and size of your custom box insert by ordering a sample.

Place the order

Place your order for production after receiving your final quote based on the final insert/box structure.

Upload your artwork

Once the structural design is complete, you can upload your artwork to the dieline template we provide.

Start production

Upon approval, we'll begin production, which typically takes 8-12 business days.


Once quality assurance is complete, we'll ship your order to the specified location.

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