Consumer Products

Welcome to Blue Box Packaging’s consumer products section, where we offer a wide range of packaging solutions to meet the needs of various industries. From food and beverages to household products and electronics, we understand the importance of delivering packaging that protects your products and captivates consumers’ attention. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we provide tailored packaging options that enhance the overall brand experience.

Exceptional Packaging Solutions for Consumer Products

We offer a diverse range of packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry. Whether you need custom boxes for chocolates, cookies, snacks, or beverages, we have you covered. Our food-grade packaging ensures the freshness and integrity of your products, while our eye-catching designs and printing options make your brand stand out on the shelves. From sleek and minimalistic designs to vibrant and bold packaging, we can help you create the perfect packaging that resonates with your target audience.

When it comes to household products, we understand the importance of packaging that is not only functional but also visually appealing. Our packaging solutions for cleaning supplies, personal care products, and home essentials are designed to be durable and convenient while also reflecting your brand’s image. Whether you need custom-sized boxes or display packaging, we can create packaging that showcases your products and communicates their value to consumers.

Additionally, our packaging solutions extend to electronics, ensuring your technological products are well-protected during transit and storage. From custom-designed boxes for smartphones, tablets, and laptops to protective packaging for accessories and gadgets, we prioritize product safety and secure packaging. Our expertise in creating custom inserts and foam padding ensures that your electronics arrive in pristine condition, enhancing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Why Choose BBP?

At Blue Box Packaging, we combine functionality, aesthetics, and branding to deliver exceptional packaging solutions for consumer products. With our customizable options, eco-friendly materials, and attention to detail, we strive to create packaging that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Browse our consumer products category and help us elevate your brand’s packaging to the next level.


Holographic Boxes

A box with an eye-catching prismatic effect to create a truly stunning visual experience.


Cardboard Sleeves

An artfully designed, visually appealing box cover offers optimal protection and product promotion.


Drawer Boxes (Cardboard)

The two-piece set gives off an elegant aura to any product you use it with


Hang Tab Boxes

A hanging nature box requires lesser space to make the product more visible and presentable.


Toy Boxes

A kid's attention-grabbing box with cartoon images that let them feel connected to the playable item.


Cookie Boxes

Made with excellent food-grade material to preserve the eatables for an extended period.


Window Boxes

Featuring transparent display and die-cut designs, every brand uses it to showcase their products.


Travel Candle Set

Your customers will be able to see your creativity with these custom-printed travel candle sets.


Metalize Boxes

A box like a metal case to standout your product and gain & customer attention.