Which Addons are Available for Lipstick & Lip Balm Boxes?

James Clark August 23, 2022

In the cosmetics industry, lipstick is an essential product that every client loves. So, makeup products like lipstick are the only ones you can use to add instant flair to your look. Also, it is the practice of all lipstick brands to introduce new colors regularly to satisfy the needs of their clients. NARS Cosmetics, 

Morphe, Sephora, NYX, and L’Oréal are usually the most famous lipstick brands because of their high-tech quality and packaging. Also, as an upcoming lipstick shop brand new to the business and needs custom packaging solutions, you should consider packaging solutions suitable to your needs. 

Make an Impact with Elegant Design Options of Add-Ons

Your lipstick box packaging will surely stand out from the crowd when they come with intricate designs that will engage the eye and captivate you. Also, custom-made boxes of lipstick are more stylish and elegant with these lines to make them look better and elegant. The customization of the packaging of lipstick makes it possible for you to customize it in a way that is suitable to your aesthetic tastes as well, as you are aware. Also, the size, style, add-ons, foil stamping, and a lot more that go into making a custom product are up to you. Now, do it yourself with intricate lines and give them a custom touch to make them engaging as well. If you want to make your boxes of lipstick look special or have intricate designs, you can use foiling to print the patterns. 

Attracting People with Vibrant Color Blasts

By blasting the inner lipstick color through the packaging of lipstick, you can make your boxes of lipstick active, lively, and vibrant. So, clients interpret the color and choose the ideal shade, or in other words, the shade they want. I would add to this; if your product is in the fruit category, you could use a lip gloss box that prints an image, hue, and fruit name to attract clients. Also, a PMS or CMYK color model prints colors on boxes of lipstick. 

Transparent Windows Comes As an Add-On

To build a large customer base based on reliability and trust, it is vital that your packaging shows off your inside products beautifully. Also, your Wholesale boxes of lipstick should come with clear windows to increase the visibility of the lipstick. Your packaging of lipstick will look more magical when you include a window on the sleeves. That’s why companies use window box for lipbalm.

Logos with Attractive Font Style

A strong brand image highly depends on the logo and packaging design of the product. Make sure your logos and brand names are quirky and customized. Also, the font style you choose for your printed boxes of lipstick should consider multiple factors. First, pick a decent font that audience members will recognize. You should also pick a font style and color that is attractive to your target audience for your logo and other text. The following free font libraries are enlisted below for your use if you want to find free font styles. 

  • Google Fonts  
  • Colophon Foundry 
  • Adobe Fonts 
  • Behance 

Also, you can also visit some paid sites for unique or customized font sizes if you want high-quality and sublime fonts for your packaging of lipstick. Several paid libraries provide font styles. Here is the list. 

  • Linotype 
  • Creative Market
  • MyFonts

Enhance Your Design with Metallic Shades and Foiling As an Add-On

Your clients will flock to your counters by foiling and metallic tones because of their magnetic powers. So, your packaging will gain a big boost by using foiling and metallic hues. You can also check out material list. There are numerous foiling options available from the packaging of lipstick suppliers. For printed boxes of lipstick, you can choose from a variety of foiling and metallic shades: 

  • Gold rose
  • Pink in soft tones 
  • A copper color 
  • The color bronze 
  • The color gold 
  • A gunmetal finish

As A Final Note

It seems clear after going over the topic which five different ways you can use a variety of add-ons for your boxes of lipstick. Make your lipstick cartons look bewitching by using intricate lines and superb design. Also, bright and vibrant colors can set your lipstick packaging apart from your rivals. Moreover, you can enhance the appearance of the product inside by inserting window boxes. In addition, your brand will be more recognizable in the marketplace if you use a unique font style.

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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