7 Creative Bath Bomb Packaging Ideas 2023

James Clark January 16, 2023

To create a good bath bomb packaging idea, you must create stylish and enticing packaging that is exciting enough for the client to open and utilize. There is no better way to cleanse the body than with a bath bomb soap. There are also many other uses for it. These products stand apart from their rival by their packaging, which plays a key role in enhancing their appeal. It doesn’t matter what brand of bath products you make; there are ideas for packaging that can help small businesses present their products in the best light. We have compiled a complete guide on creative packages for bath bombs for 2023 if you’re having trouble figuring out how to do so. 

Put Shrink Wrap over Them

As for plain bath bombs you buy in stores, most of them come in plastic wrappers that get tossed in the trash after use. The best way to wrap bath bombs is with shrink wrap. So you can make your item bright, rustic, or however you like. A nicer wrapper will not only look better. Also, a unique package won’t be available anywhere else, so you’ll have an extra edge over your rivals! Custom wrapping is an excellent way to enhance your brand’s visibility.

What you want to achieve with your bath bomb will determine the best wrapper. To increase the visibility of your artwork on display in retail stores or at trade shows, use the best paper. Your logo and other images might appear against these materials to highlight your values while keeping the product light. You may want to consider custom-printed cardboard boxes or bags if you’re trying to promote a special event. Your business will stand out with these options that are practical and show off your brand. As a result of the extra space inside the bags, it is also easier to add marketing materials, for example, coupons or fliers, to motivate clients.

Baskets are the Perfect Way to Present them

Packaging bath bombs with custom labels and tags is one of our favorite ideas. A gift basket makes wrapping easy and looks beautiful, and the bath bombs are a treat in the basket with beautiful packaging.

Make the Boxes Look Festive by Tying Ribbons and Bows

It is a good idea to get the boxes of your bath bombs printed depending on their smell. You can’t change the color of the scent for each. You can print a pink or purple box to match the lavender soap. As a result, it’s clear: It makes no sense to print a lavender box with chocolate-like colors. You can almost smell the soap box open on your counter due to the colors. Packaging often ignores soap scents. A box whose scent reflects your soap is possible with the right attention. Your brand connects with the best scents, making bathing more enjoyable.

Put a Rustic Spin on it

Bath bombs look royal due to their rustic packaging. It also gives the customer a sense that the soap is high quality. Think of a dark brown wooden box with an elegant leaf and vine-carved lid to give you an idea of the packaging we are talking about. Often, skincare brands choose rustic packaging to create a premium brand with their bath bombs. The company will also be able to reach premium product-seeking clients. A bow is sometimes tied on them to make them look like gifts. Rather than appearing from a big-box discount retailer, the brown-paper packaging suggests retail outlets. Soap bombs look more elegant and expensive as a result. 

Display Your Bath Bombs Using Cut-Out Window Boxes

The product can become obscured by too many bath bombs stacked together. The packaging should have a window so users can check it before buying. Stacking the soaps on top of one another rather than just displaying the actual product increases sales. Window design also plays a crucial role. It’s important to keep transparency in mind when designing eco-friendly bath bomb window boxes. All sides of the box should let your customer peek inside. Their time and money aren’t worth it otherwise.

Create a Funky Design and Fonts

Hippies are no longer the only ones who use funky fonts. You can increase your soap sales by using fonts like these on the packaging of bath bombs. The reason is buyers are likelier to buy custom boxes if they enjoy the fonts and artwork. Finding the right font is all about making it look good and conveying the right message.

Use Tote or Fabric Bags

Tote bags eliminate the need to wrap soap in plastic, cardboard, and paper, which saves you time and money. The use of fabric bags can also have other benefits, did you know? Your soap will look premium and royal if you package it in a bag, which saves you money and maximizes your budget. Customers will enjoy the greatest ease of use when using a fabric bag that showcases your product’s natural beauty.

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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