Different Box Shapes and Styles for Cosmetic Products

James August 19, 2022

The value of brand loyalty is crucial in today’s highly intense cosmetics market. Making your brand stand out is key to getting your viewers’ attention. It is most effective to achieve this goal through the packaging design. First of all, determine what kind of packaging will be best for your product. As a first step, it is essential. Below, you will find a list of several types of cosmetic box packaging you can choose from.

Boxes for packing

The word packaging goes beyond the simple square cardboard box as a means of packaging materials. There is no problem in packing cosmetics in cardboard boxes since they are one of the most common packaging materials. It is possible to customize their look and feel to the product’s shape and the brand’s needs. In both shipping and storing, the product is well protected.

Packing decorated with ornaments

Products can be more attractive when they come in decorative packaging. Ribbons, stickers, paper tissues, bags with drawstrings, girdles, and ribbons are typical examples of adorning packaging. Your brand and products need to stand out clearly to catch the eye of your target audience. That is why we use different addons.

Using plastic bags

The unique feature of plastic bags allows the food to be isolated from the air, making plastic bags a popular choice for food packaging. It is common for makeup brands to pack product trials in plastic storage bags.

Using Bottles

A bottle is a commonly used makeup packaging item. Bottles serve to pack almost all liquid cosmetics. There is also the option for brands to design their cosmetic bottles.

The tote bag

Almost all industries can benefit from the tote bag. In addition, it can enhance your company’s reach. You can extend your brand’s reach to a more potential client when a client carrying your bag walks on the street with your product. These are the basic tips before entering in cosmetic industry. The makeup packaging box affects whether or not you will succeed in launching a new cosmetic product. It is critical to choose to package based on the product to improve the shopping experience and the client’s sharing experience.

Sachet packages 

A sachet is an ideal holder for single-dose makeup samples since it can contain small amounts of the product. The contents of a sachet can include gels, creams, and liquids. They are also made from recyclable materials. The open tear notch on these cards makes it incredibly easy to use them, and they are available in many colors.

The tube

Tubes are usually used for many cosmetic products and are one of the most common types. Their lightweight design allows consumers to control the quantity they receive, most of which consists of aluminum or plastic. As a result, they are perfect for liquids, creams, and gels that we use all the time. Clients can also easily extract every last drop due to the flexibility of their packaging.

A bottle

You can choose from a wide range of material options, sizes, and shapes available for bottles, which are ideal for liquids. The use of sprayers or pumps is also made easier with some bottles. They are perfect for many products, from tiny 2ml aroma vials to 500ml shampoo bottles. Materials are also available in many forms based on your target market. While bottles made from glass lend a sense of luxury and quality, plastic bottles are easy to handle and highly durable, making them suitable for liquid bases, lotions, etc.

A pouch

The cosmetics market relies heavily on pouches, which are essentially large sachets. Makeup products, bath salts, and masks all fit perfectly in them. Various materials are available, and they are flexible and lightweight, making them ideal for shipping costs. The laminates can replicate using multiple layers if a green building is an integral concern for your business. The packaging should provide good quality, safety, and security while using fewer plastics.

A jar

Using jars can be an excellent option for cosmetic products like gels, creams, and lotions that do not pour well. Materials such as glass, plastic, and aluminum are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. To help protect the product from dirt and air, they come with vibrantly printed labels.

The tin

Lip balms and glosses can come in aluminum tins. There is no loss of quality of aluminum during recycling. Thus, there are many uses of custom cosmetic box as a material choice. They are easier to travel with and use due to their lightweight design and screw-top lids.


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