5 Different Styles for Custom Rigid Boxes

James Clark June 22, 2022

Whether you have to package your product or brand your company, rigid cases are a perfect solution. Paper-based rigid boxes are constructed from high-quality chipboard, wrapped in fancy paper, and often consist of more than one mm of thickness. The customer ought to be happy to receive not only the package but to unpack the items as well. As you read on, I will offer tips on the best way to choose rigid cases based on the top-notch styles.

Rigid packaging is your best option to present your products in a luxurious way. Boxes made from paper enhance your products’ look and feel while providing rigidity, protection, and solidity. You can use rigid cases to ship gadgets, pieces of jewelry, and heavy objects, but you need to check that they are sturdy. Also, they are customizable right to match your tastes. There are many custom printed options by printing on its interior and exterior and other options such as placing your logo, adding foil stamps, etc.

What Is a Rigid Box?

There are many other names for a rigid box, including gift boxes and setup boxes. There are different types of rigid boxes. They usually consist of thick and sturdy cardboard. Cases of this type often have a rigid surface built into them to prevent them from laying flat. A lot of these are also collapsible, so they’re great for traveling and storing. Compared to plastic, these boxes offer high quality. A rigid box’s materials are fully reused, so they are recyclable forever. Choosing not to laminate these boxes can lead to them being more eco-friendly.

Types of Rigid Boxes

There are multiple ways to make rigid cases it depends on what you wish to package. Usually, these boxes come apart from the top and the base. Another type of hard box is the rigid box that fits over the shoulder and neck. Your rigid box will also come with a custom insert to help secure it. It depends on which kind of box you decide to buy and the items you plan to pack. It is vital to keep in mind the type of work you plan to do and your budgets and costs.

Boxes with rigid sides are more luxurious than regular mailers or flat packing boxes. It is one of the main benefits of rigid boxes. It should be a factor in choosing how much to spend on the packaging. To save on cost, you can opt for a foldable rigid box with the premium, rigid feel you’re looking to achieve. There is no actual solidity to these boxes, but they do have the same premium feel. They are shippable flat, thus costing you less to ship, and are sturdy. It is vital to remember that you will need to put your boxes together before the packing process.

Styles of Rigid Containers

Your brand will remain top of mind when people open a rigid box that is well-designed and well-thought-out. You’ll also find that they will post pictures if you find your packaging attractive. You can use this to help increase the reach you have for your brand online. Whether you need to transform the rigid box design you already have or start from scratch, don’t worry. Below are some options you could incorporate into your packaging scheme to inspire your creativity.

Inserts for Rigid Cases

Your product will remain secure in its box with custom-made inserts. When you open the box, you must ensure that the buyer can see all the items inside. Consider printing some text in your package insert to make it more luxurious. You can emboss the insert with your logo if you want to add a little more branding. It is a great way to stock the packages at retail for customers to view. Users can see both the product and the packaging material used for these boxes together.

The most common kind of box is the rigid box with a lid and base. It makes a more striking look if you print your brand color on both the top and bottom. You can easily customize the item with a foil stamp, UV spots, or stickers.

Magnetic Rigid Cases Come With Other Closures

The magnetic closure ensures that your items are protected when shipping. Some vendors offer an extra layer of protection for their magnetic boxes. The boxes come with a threaded metal mechanism to shut them. As a result, the packaging and brand are more attractive. Customers are thus attracted mainly by the box but are also eager to open it since it contains so much more than just the box itself.

Hexagon Rigid Cases

Rigid containers that are square or rectangular come to mind when we refer to rigid containers. Even though they are common, there are other designs and shapes you can use to stand out from the competition. Packaging rings and necklaces with hexagon boxes and foam pads are a popular trend among some brands. That is why it is one of the best selling products for protecting fragile items like jewelry. Boxes are easier to make in many geometric forms since the paper is a bit more malleable than other materials.

Boxes That Stack Rigidly

Stackable rigid Stackable rigid cases with magnetic lids are a good choice if you need to package more than one product or if it consists of two parts. That is why to use rigid cases. With a box of this type, you can divide the goods you intend to package into two groups and package them in two stackable trays. You can secure the whole structure in place by attaching a magnetic lid to the bottom tray. The box should be packaged in a corrugated mailer box or shipping carton so that it arrives in pristine condition. It is to make sure the tray doesn’t fall off during the shipping step.

Rigid Containers with Window

Customers can see the contents of the rigid cases through the window on the lid. A company such as Astalift will add some roses to reflect their brand color to the edge of the window to add a little rose decor in line with their color combinations. A magnetic lid makes it easy for the customer to open the box. Windows can also display the type of product when the same product comes in different forms. It makes it easy to display in stores or at points of sale where people can see it.

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