Everything To Know About Foil Stamping For Elegant Packaging

Daniel December 10, 2021

Foil stamping is a method that is in use for decades to make elegant packaging. You can give customers appealing and elegant packaging designs with an eye-catchy box look. The packaging industry is using hexagon boxes because of their unique and classy nature. You should use a different kind of foil stamping to double the beauty of boxes. If you are in box packaging, you should think about the use of foil stamping. In this blog, we are about to mention the latest trends of foil stamping to make alluring hexagonal boxes.

Significance of Foil Stamping:

Foil stamping and foil printing are interlinked with each other. The retail packaging can be made elegant with foil printing because you can use heat and pressure to apply on different sheets like:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Fabric

Foil printing is a great way to get the customer’s attention. With this technique, the companies are creating holographic textures with:

  • Metallic finishes
  • Matte
  • Glossy effects

So the stamping and printing are the procedures that you can do without the use of ink. It will help you to bring grace and beauty to the overall box look.

The Process of Stamping:

Foil stamping is a great process to make elegant packaging designs. You can use different shapes and sizes of boxes as it will help you grow your brand worth. The stamping process starts with a heated metal tool to transfer ink from the hot end of the machine onto paper. The heat is necessary to transfer images and create elegant and stylish retail packaging. The box manufacturers should always bring elegance and decency in packaging by making highly alluring and decent boxes. It is the ideal method that requires specialized foil, and typically five layers can be used:

  • Metal layer
  • Lacquer layer
  • Image layer
  • Polyester carrier layer
  • Release layer

This process can be done with heat and pressure applied to the foil that makes elegant hexagonal boxes.

Application of Foil Stamping:

There are innumerable applications of foil stamping that are in use by box manufacturers. You can decorate products with decent and decorative packaging features. When you ensure the durability of packaging, the customers will ultimately love to choose them. If you want to make your hexagon boxes stand out, you have to make use of foil stamps. It is the luxurious and eye-catchy factor that helps in making a long-lasting impact. So try your best to bring charm in packaging designs to grow the brand value.

Types of Foil Stamping:

There are different catchy types of foil stamping to create elegant packaging designs like:

1. Digital Foil Stamping:

The digital foil stamping machine is an advanced type of printer that heats foil to high pressure and temperature. You can create elegant packaging designs by choosing deeper colors and traditional printing methods. The process of packaging is extremely delicate and professional as well as an easy method.

2. Traditional Foil Stamping:

If you want to make use of decent retail packaging, you should go with traditional foil stamping. Some elegant packaging boxes come in unique designs and colors. Therefore, try to make a perfect packaging design and embossed embellishment with special effects. These kinds of boxes are in wide use to make impressive and decent packages to double the charm of packaging.


There are different types of foil stamping methods that are in use to create elegant hexagon boxes. You can use these methods to wrap clothing and electronics items. Foil stamping is an ideal method to make an eye-catchy and appealing box display. Therefore, you should think uniquely to grow the company worth with the latest packaging styles. It is the best thing to make impressive and creative custom packages for brand success. So you should think smartly if you want to make impressive and creative retail packaging for buyers.