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Four Types Of Packaging For Your Business

Daniel Novosel December 7, 2018

Are you still stuck with an ordinary packaging?

Or do you want your packaging to tell a story?

At Blue Box Packaging, we create the best and cheapest custom packaging products for your business. You always should consider these four types of packaging for your business.

  • Custom boxes

For branding, you should make custom printed boxes for your products, to give the best experience to your customers. You can get the best custom printed boxes at Blue Box Packaging. Color, ink, print & material for boxes can be customized easily.

We use void fills or corrugated inserts for oversized boxes. Box dimensions are proportional to cost, making the size very critical. You can use custom printed boxes for rigid or fragile products.

  • Mailer bags

Customize your printed mailing bags and ship your products with style. Custom printed mailing bags adds great value to your advertising & branding efforts. Mailer bags are used for non-fragile products. Mailer bags are of two types:

  1. Kraft paper

Kraft papers are lightweight, can be recycled and very cost effective. It gives a more sophisticated and professional appeal to your packaging. It does not crumple, and helps in making branding prominent.

  1. Polyethylene

Polyethylene bags are durable and resistant to water, making it sustainable for longer distances. Polyethylene bags are used for a variety of products due to its strength. Poly mailers can be designed to be returnable with built in second strip.

  • Stickers

Sticker can be used to add a fun, professional, alarming and many other elements to your packaging. Stickers are water proof & graphically richer than stamps.

Each printed sticker starts at approx. $2. This price can vary depending on minimum order quantity.

  • Packing tapes

Tapes give your packaging an extra level of security. Doing this ensure your commitment to your customer. Tapes are a good way to build brand presence as well.

We make Polypropylene tapes that are water resistant and cost effective. Cost for packing tapes depends on the width of the tape. Normally custom tapes cost anywhere between $3 – $4, each roll.

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