Giving Your Customers The Best Unboxing Experience EVER

James Clark November 10, 2020

Have you heard the latest about unboxing?  In the last few years, unboxing has gone from an engaging performance to a must-have ritual when you receive a product from a unique or popular brand. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping your presents; the excitement and the aura that creates is what unboxing is all about. Brands are trying very hard through their custom packaging to recreate this excitement of unboxing presents.

Earlier, brands were only conscious of their product’s quality; though, brands are going 360 and making all aspects of their packaging unique and stand out from the crowd. One of these aspects is the unboxing experience; most brands are now looking into ways that are that will make their customers’ unboxing experience a unique and memorable one.

How does unboxing help the brand?

Isn’t this the million-dollar question? Well, to answer it in the most uncomplicated way, the smooth unboxing will get you, customers, how so? This is the era of sharing everything online, from new purchases to opening and trying them on; there is nothing that people hide anymore.

From makeup to dresses to food, you can get reviews for everything online. These reviews include not only the product but also the primary as well as secondary packaging. This means no matter how ugly your packaging is, it will end up online. Good and bad, both kinds of packaging are covered in unboxing reviews. When you go search on YouTube, you will find reviews with custom rigid boxes, toy packaging, custom makeup boxes, luxury packaging, candle packaging as well as game boxes. Hence, retailers are now focusing more and more on their custom rigid boxes, along with the quality of their product. This has also got the packaging vendors on their toes, and now they are coming up with new and exciting ways to make the consumer’s unboxing experience better and better.

Why Should A Brand Consider Unboxing Experience Important For Branding?

Why do brands work so hard to make a relation and connection with the consumers? The answer is to gain customer loyalty, to make the customer come back for more. Brands know that they are replaceable; if they aren’t making a connection with their target market, the target market will move to another similar brand. The competition is tough, and brands can’t afford mistakes, not a big one like a bad unboxing experience.

Unboxing is important for grand building because, with a great unboxing experience, there is a huge chance that your customer will come back for another purchase soon. Did you know that 40% of consumers revert to the brand they have had a good unboxing experience with? By giving them a good unboxing experience, you make sure that they come back to you when they need another go at your product.

For example, if you offer great quality clothes at cheap rates, but the customer receives them late, in the sea of plastic inserts, and also wrinkled. Although the dress fits great, and it was affordable, but the way it arrived and the way it was unboxed made for a very bad experience; this isn’t an experience the consumer would want to repeat. So, the next time your customer needs a dress, they might look at someplace else. So, despite your product is great, you lost a loyal customer because of your awful unboxing experience. When a customer orders a product online, they anticipate its arrival. They may even have plans to open it live on social media, and when your custom boxes or custom packaging doesn’t deliver the expected, they are truly disappointed.

To give your consumer a WOW unboxing experience, think of every consumer individually and then plan your custom packaging. Imagine yourself unboxing the product and think about the features you would love and hate, keep the features you love and discard the irritating ones, and you will have the best unboxing planned for your consumers.

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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