How Custom jewelry cardboard boxes keep your sensitive jewelry safe?

James Clark October 13, 2021

In the era 2021, jewels are the astonishing part of women’s beauty that adds charm their attractive grace. Hence, Jewelry is the most popular way among women to express the illusion of elegancy and on part of sturdy packaging. When speaking specifically of jewelry boxes, one cannot ignore the importance of rigid boxes in jewelry packaging. The jewelry is available in different styles and colors and everyone has complete freedom to choose the case according to their needs. The jewelry box with logo and printed patterns gives the whole an elegant and decisive appearance. But you can also customize the packaging for your jewelry by telling the company what kind of packaging you need when you buy at a wholesale price.

You may be wondering why jewelry cardboard boxes are important for an eye-catching look, and why so much jewelry makes such elegant boxes. Well, in this blog you will know in detail why boxes are used due to their importance in jewelry packaging?

Stylish Printed Jewelry Boxes:

If you want to add an alluring touch to your jewelry box packaging and appeal to the packaging, it is easy to use individually printed jewelry boxes. Most importantly, simple preparation will save you time. Using a printed pattern, the exterior of the window will be subtle and charming. The customer usually determines the packaging at a glance, so the jewelers with the logo can be the perfect packaging. You can use such stylish boxes on special occasion to make them special. However, you have the option of creating the best combination of color and design to give your boxes good packaging.

The color theme means:

Color is the most important factor that greatly affects the choice of size when purchasing rigid boxes. You can change the boxes according to the color theme of the packaging. You can also choose the color according to the specific occasion. As the holidays approach, you can create the best and most beautiful jewelry box packaging with a mix of colors.

Make the personalized jewelry box:

Many companies use jewelry boxes with a personalized logo to make the packaging look good. There is only one package and you can activate it if you want to open it. There are nice magnetic strips or lids for opening and twisting the package. If you want your packaging to be more attractive, you can print jewelry boxes inside and out. To make the packaging protective and safe, you can place the product inside. Separate rigid drawers can be used according to customer requirements.

Make Luxury look for jewelry box with logo:

You need a pattern occasionally if you want to make your own product packaging. Silver and gold leaf is best for this purpose for an elegant look. Most jewelers are laminate rugs. Many companies make jewelry boxes with logos to help customers understand the brand and its specifications. You can order rigid cardboard boxes in different shapes and sizes according to your packaging needs. When you give the customer what they want, an emotional bond develops between you and the customer.

Unique gift packaging:

When it comes to rigid boxes, especially for jewelry packaging, it is best to use these elegant boxes as a gift. It not only gives charm to your gift bag but also makes it affordable. You can make logos and print jewelry packaging and this is the best way to get a good look. Therefore, if you want to give your loved one a special feeling, you need to make the jewelry box packaging elegant and unique. Always be creative when making jewelry boxes if you want your packaging services to leave a lasting impression on the customer.

How can you package your jewelry so that your customers buy more?

Here are some packaging tips to help.

Choose a color that your target audience likes.

If you sell men’s rings, it is better to choose a darker color palette. Stay away from drawings and movements. Men tend to prefer floral boxes. Hence, preferring regular packaging, for ring boxes in a black and white masculine color are enough. On the contrary, you offer minimalist women’s rings, choose pastel color packages with delicate patterns.

Customize a simple package.

Large jewelry packages do not have to be expensive. At Bluebox packaging platform, we can turn cheap packaging into elegant and stylish packaging. When some accessories such as dried flowers and stickers are added, the purchase becomes more personal. Writing a small tag on the jeweler is a good idea. So if you have potential writing skills, use them on our custom packaging boxes.

Make the jewelry package impress your consumer with a great experience.

Do not put too much tape on the jewelry box. You can protect your jewelry by lining the inside with crumpled paper in the color of your brand’s theme. Add some ribbons or stickers so you can spray the interior with perfume. This will convince your customers and encourage them to buy more in the future.

The importance of creative packaging in the jewelry sector

They say that a book should never be judged on its cover, but whether it likes it or not, the creativity and efficiency of its packaging is sometimes judged primarily by a product. Although a high-quality jewelry product should always be a priority, effective packaging for your jewelry should also be considered.

Much of the customer experience is clouded by small details such as store display and packaging. Creating a way to improve the customer’s shopping experience can increase sales, brand loyalty and a good corporate image. Invest in these and see how much sales you can make by doing small things to improve packaging.

Here are some simple tips to improve your packaging:

Choose a subject

They can do personal, shady, elegant, professional or old-fashioned things, but sticking to a particular theme can make brands and product recall easier. Customize the theme of your packaging in your sales display and do not forget to create a design that fits your jewelry products.

Add basic business information

Do not underestimate the effect of packaging as an advertising medium. Add your basic information like phone number, address, social media identifiers and websites to your shopping bags, along with the official company logo. Put all this in creatively designed jewelry packaging and you will be one step closer to marketing your company.

Keep it unique and simple

When the competition is fierce everyone sells the same trendy rings or earrings, unique packaging is one of the best ways to get your item to stand out. However, some jewelers forget this and make it redundant. Make it unique, but keep it simple. Remember it is more than the box; the main character of the show is the jewel that still exists.

 Your packaging can fit into the jewelry wholesale industry

Here are some of our tips.

1. Think of a unique subject or identity. This can be done to have a consistent color scheme or logo that is always in your packaging style. This will help you establish your corporate identity and help your customers remember you better.

2. Always place a flyer. This is a way to connect with your customers. The brochure can show your sales, the bazaars you visit or these are new wholesale jewelry you should look for. Be sure to include your company name and logo along with your contact information so that interested parties can contact you. Do not think this is a waste of effort, as wholesale jewelers have a database with this information.

3. Add a coupon. It’s your version of a thank you note. It can be a coupon for the next purchase or a coupon for free shipping when you buy a minimum. Make sure the expiration date of the coupon is not too long, as customers may forget it or be too short to use it. A week is an acceptable time.

4. Be creative and resourceful. Using jewelry boxes is a common way to fold jewelry.
For wholesale jewelry, You can separate the items in these bags and then pack them in boxes. You can also make your own paper boxes instead of buying bags. You can do that with help of keen Google searches as packaging companies near me.

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