How To Design Makeup Boxes To Grow Sales

James Clark October 12, 2020

Attention to detail is what sells your product more than anything, and that detail is most noticed in packaging. If you are looking to boost your cosmetic sales, here’s what you need to do.

Custom makeup boxes are trending these days, they have been in fashion for a very long time, but their popularity is has grown by eons in the last few years. Why is that? Well, for one thing, they add value to your product; for another, they are very eye-catching.

This is the age of social media, Instagram, Facebook, and such other platforms that have taken hold of everyone’s life. People can’t wait to buy new stuff and start new trends that they can post about, and the unboxing experience is one of those trends.

Cosmetic packaging is one bold step towards increasing your sales; you can do a lot when you opt for cosmetic packaging. These little changes and attention to detail can make a huge difference in how your sale and how much you sell.

We understand that it’s not for everyone, and not everyone is out there to build a brand image, but if your sell cosmetics, you need to understand how much cosmetic packaging can help your business grow.

Here’s a rundown of what custom makeup boxes have in store for you and your business.


Superficial Value:

Customers are always looking for value for money, and if your packaging is providing that, there is no way it won’t sell. Moreover, customers prefer buying pretty products over one that has ordinary packaging. These are the points where you can cash your unique packaging. Handing-over your product to customize packaging will change the outlook of your product, making it more appealing and adding value to the whole package. When you add a luxurious cover to your product, it implies that the product is luxurious itself as well, and it’s worth the high-price one is paying for it.

A product at a high-end department store sells more than one at your local retail shop; why? Because of the way the former one is presented. It looks impressive, credible, as well as reliable, and customers’ preference depends on how a product is presented.

The First Impression Like No Other:

If you think that rigid cosmetic boxes are only for retail purposes, you are mistaken. These custom cosmetic boxes are great for presentation as well as promotions. A professionally designed custom box is not only the first impression of your brand and product, but it also establishes confidence in your product. Your packaging reflects that your brand, as well as your product, is an authentic one and can be trusted.

Apart from creating the first impression, custom rigid cosmetic boxes also create a long-lasting impression. It’s your boxes that will keep your product fresh in the consumer’s mind, and in time, he will revert to buy more. This is how brand loyalty is created.

Your packaging’s attention-grabbing design, as well as the visual charm of your rigid cosmetic boxes, can do magic for marketing your product and boost sales.

Vivid Colors Increase Sales:

Cosmetics are common tools to add colors to one’s life. Hence, you need to use the same psychology while packing them. The more colors you use the better will you will sell. For example, Gold packaging reflects luxury and richness; hence it can be used for your elite product. In contrast, fall leaves and snow patterns can be used for your seasonal promotions. Colors add vividness, freshness as well as fun, and all of these traits are associated with cosmetics.

Reflect your Brand Attributes In your Packaging:

What are Brand Attributes? They are the traits that define the personality of your business and brand. These can be anything from luxurious, affordable, simple, minimalist, fun, outgoing, natural, etc. in short; they are the words you want to be known as. When a consumer sees your brand, these traits should be the first thing that should come to mind. Positive traits are ideal to sell boosters.

With your custom rigid boxes, you can make your consumers think whatever you want them about your brand. A positive image can do wonders for your selling record.

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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