Which Type of Material Is Used For Cosmetic Boxes

James Clark August 11, 2022

Among the various materials cosmetic firms use for their packaging, steel, aluminum, and plastics are some of the most popular ones. The material of glass was one of the earliest materials to be used for packaging, and it remains popular. Below you will find a list of data that sheds light on what kind of packaging materials exist for cosmetics.

There has been an expansion in the making of cosmetic boxes such as cans and tubes since the modern era as plastics and metals became more common. 

Containers Made Of Glass

Various trace elements and metal oxides combine with silica sand, which is the main ingredient of glasses. The most common container used to package liquids is a glass jar. The fingers can easily remove the product since they are easy to remove. The decorative and clean look glass offers is one of the key benefits of custom made boxes for cosmetics. It can come in three forms: soda-lime-treated, borosilicate, or soda-lime-regular. There are chemical properties unique to each of them.

A glass containing boron, aluminum, or zinc has a higher chemical inertness than soda-lime glass. Sodium hydroxide is one of the ingredients in this glass. If distilled water remains in storage for more than a year, traces of particles will mix with it. Long-term storage is possible with treated soda lime. It is more chemical resistant than soda lime-regular because it contains limestone. This type of packaging has options for a variety of uses.

In thick-walled glass jars, creams, eye shadows, and lip gloss come in. Makeup removers, lotions, powders, and bases come in bulky glass jars. Bath and body products with neutral colors belong in amber glass jars. In the case of reduced sodium ions, this material is a cosmetic packaging material that is more resistant to a chemical reaction.

Containers Made Of Plastic for Packaging

Due to its ease of use and hygienic properties, plastic is used widely in cosmetic packaging. Also, there are a lot of addons for cosmetic product packaging. When plastic opens, products tend to go straight to waste, leading to a large amount of trash. Plastics are in demand because of their low cost. The material is also light, versatile, non-breakable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Also, it smells great and looks good.

Its physical stability is its main flaw. Thus, it is subject to absorbing, breaking, and tearing by stress. Some types of packaging react badly to ink and other chemicals.

Packaging for cosmetics consists of PP. There are also acrylic and PET plastics. Despite its look, acrylic plastic is not as fragile as glass. The color and tint of plastics depend on the material’s aesthetics.

Containers Made Of Metal

The most common metals used in cans and tubes are aluminum and tin. Germs cannot live on aluminum, which is a recyclable material. Aluminum is the most common material used in collapsible tubes. The cosmetic package also contains a large amount of tin and lead.

Metals provide the best shield for products by acting as durable packaging. They are also capable of protecting products from heat and moisture. Using recyclable metals is a good way for firms to portray an eco-friendly look. A key benefit of metals is they come in various shapes that prevent waste from creating. As a whole, metal is a cheap, robust, and reliable option. By combining metal and plastic, for instance, metallic cosmetic bottles provide unique choices for high-end items.   

Packaging Made Of Bamboo

Among eco-friendly materials, bamboo is also popular. Bamboo is easy to grow and produce and is strong, flexible, and recyclable. After use, it may be wise to cut the packaging from the lining and recycle it. It is one of the useful tips for bamboo packaging. As with cardboard and paper, bamboo has similar issues. Some materials are difficult to recycle, while others appeal to luxury clients. Also, since bamboo is a natural product, its carbon footprint is higher because it often comes from abroad.


With the rise of plastic and glass as options for packaging, cardboard has become more popular. Any kind of recycling facility can recycle cardboard when it comes to balms, creamy bases, powders, etc. As a result, paper or cardboard packaging has some drawbacks. As a result, they cannot recycle if they have coatings. A lack of sourcing and an inedible taste make it a threat to habitats. So, you can choose stylish box style among these.

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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