Which Type of Material Used for Display Boxes?

James August 12, 2022

Buying online is becoming more popular every day. So, people opt to shop online over at local stores now. Even the leading brands have improved the efficiency of their online shops to make it easier for clients to make buys.

This situation hurts the retail market because firms make more than they deliver. To keep their goodwill high at retail, they want to show more at retail. As a result, firms improve their box and package to attract clients. There has been a trend towards large display products with enough weight to be stable. Rigid box packaging has the feature of being both thick and robust, making it the most suitable display solution. There are many different materials for display boxes which I have listed below. 

The Acrylic Material

Signage or displays are available from this clear, flexible material. Also, acrylic table signs, POP displays, counter displays, and accent items made from this highly durable, flexible material are the most common uses. You can also use inserts for stylish display of your product.

  • Many finishes are on hand, including transparent, hued, shiny, matte, frosty, and shiny mirrors.
  • It is ideal for retail stores or lobby areas indoors
  • Also, the back typically has a print on it

A Corrugated Material

There are many applications for corrugated paper, such as retail displays, signage, and packaging material. Some brands use white ink with brown or Kraft boards to emphasize artwork and visual outlines on special days. Retail displays throughout every store use portable board cardboard as packaging and POP displays.

  • It comes in a matte finish, Kraft finish, and white finish, all available at your choice
  • In addition to being eco-friendly, the product is also renewable
  • You can print on both sides or one side at a time

Board from Falcon

The material consists of a honeycomb core and two white paper faces. Also, this paper has a hexahedral body created by nesting hexagonal cells that expand together to form the sheet. A display box for your products or signage is easily tailored from this material, whether it is rigid or lightweight.

  • There are several styles and colors available, including white, Kraft, and matte
  • In a variety of grades, this highly stable product is highly reliable
  • Prints on both sides or one side only

PVC (Vinyl Chloride)

In permanent, indoor displays or signage, polymers such as acrylic are one of the most versatile and durable materials on the market. Also, there are many benefits to using plastic materials in contrast to other plastics.

  • You can choose from satin, white, black, and a finite number of colors
  • Retail stores are one of the uses of display box
  • It is possible to print it either side or both sides

The Material Styrene

This type of plastic can be rigid or light and is thinner than PVC. As a result, it is ideal for indoor use, such as in sales displays that require a sturdy yet flexible material.

  • There is a choice of a black or white finish
  • Displays and signage that are durable and long-lasting
  • The print will be on one side or both sides

Gator Board or Ultraboard

In UltraBoard, polystyrene foam is encased in a styrene liner to form a semi-permanent surface. A high-impact plastic layer replaces the paper surface on foam board, making this substrate similar to foam board. Also, the Foam board is more flexible than UltraBoard, so it stays flat.

  • Three finishes can choose white, matte, and black
  • It is thin and light, which makes the product easy to use
  • The printer is capable of printing on one side or both sides

Board Made From Foam (Foam Core)

The outer surface of the material features a paper on both sides. So, indoor signage or a POP display accent header is doable using this lightweight material. There are so many other styles for these boxes.

  • The finish options are: matte, white, and black
  • Retail venues can use it in a variety of ways
  • The printer is able to print both sides at the same time

The Paper

Since paper is the most widely used type of material, it is easier to print graphics than more durable materials. The most common use of a poster is as a display for a retail space or an event. Also, paper packaging is sustainable and great for smaller products.

  • A satin, matte, or gloss finish is available for you to choose from
  • It is an ideal way to share brand or product messages quickly and easily
  • The paper is printed on only one side

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