5 Creative Product Packaging Ideas 2023

James January 5, 2023

The packaging design of the product plays a large role in people’s views of others and, in the end, their decision to buy. In order to promote your brand, you need to have good product packaging design. In the event of poor packaging, even an excellent product can become a thing of the past. Whether this is your first time designing packaging for your products in years or if you plan to launch a new product this year, these trendy packaging design ideas will be useful.

The Top Five Trends in Packaging Products

In order to stay ahead of the pack in 2022, here are the five most important trends in packaging design:

Use of Artistic Fonts

A product’s name and brand are what people use to identify it. Thus, you should choose clear, easily readable names. When you design your packaging, use creative fonts to hook shoppers. A classic font like Coca-Cola, for instance, will never fade. In terms of typography, it has a clear, simple, flowing, and legible look. The font, along with the company’s classic red background, can tell us that somebody is sipping Coca-Cola even from a distance.

There is no doubt that Coca-Cola created in the minds of clients this iconic image over a long time. Picking smart fonts for your package is another way to add value to your products. You should make sure your product name is bold and large and that the background is one color. There is still a strong demand for packaging with minimalist designs. Use bright and loud fonts to enhance a small design or pattern on your package for a more striking design.

Packaging That Is Vibrant and Loud

We all experience moods and feelings based on the colors we see. Designing logos, websites, and packaging using color theory can be a very successful strategy for marketers, designers, and business owners. Blue is a primary brand color for Facebook and Twitter, for instance. There is something relaxing about blue, and it is easier on the eyes. In contrast, bright colors evoke a feeling of joy and fun, such as orange, red, yellow, etc. A lot of eCommerce sites use those colors. Using loud colors in packaging design is a great way to show positivity and fun!

Illustrations with a Sense of Humor

Laughter is one of the factors that makes videos and posts go viral. In the case of packaging design for products, this is possible as well. Making an instant connection with shoppers will help you hook them with your packaging. With humor, you can instantly connect with your audience. Designing your packaging in a humorous manner doesn’t have to be overtly funny. A well-designed illustration that is fun, clear, and easy to use can be very useful. Characters from popular cartoons are often used in packaging design by many brands. People will be more likely to purchase a product when they see familiar, funny characters on the packaging.

There are not many resources available to small firms. Rick and Morty don’t design packages for most small businesses. Taking part in this trend does not require them to spend a lot of money. The illustration can align perfectly with your brand by being funny or exciting. Make sure that your brand strategy is compatible with humor. It’s great to have a sense of humor, but not every brand or situation lends itself to it.

Use of a Vintage Package

As time passed, we reflected on the things that made up our lives when everything was in order. A five-year look was the norm for some. Even so, it was a long time ago for many people. There is nothing better than looking back on old memories and reminiscing about them. Social media is ruling the fashion, music, and design scene with vintage looks, fashion, and a variety of other trends ruling media. It is a design style that is common to many brands. Also, the vintage trend inspired innovative brands to create vintage designs. The historical value of retro designs and the fact that they can combine the old and the new without appearing dated are two reasons why people love vintage designs. There is something cozy, slick, and timeless about vintage design styles. Their ability to adapt makes them suitable for a variety of situations.

Designs with a Simple Aesthetic

Standing out sometimes means keeping things simple. In general, anyone who does something funky, colorful, bold, or loud will attract notice. The opposite is often true in the case of packaging for products. It is always in fashion to design packaging that is clear and crisp are always in fashion and can enhance brand image and ensure brand loyalty. The packaging of your product will also take less time and energy to design. Unlike Apple and Anker, which focus on their products rather than packaging, Apple and Anker use simple packaging. Many other brands do the same, such as soda brands, tech brands, and cleaning products. Seeing simpler packaging can build trust. The fewer details clients see, the more they will focus on the vitals. This is a case in which a little goes a long way


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