Top 7 Tips for Packaging Beauty Products

James Clark February 7, 2023

It is no secret that due to the pandemic, self-care has been a top priority for many people. Skincare, cosmetics, hygiene products, and so much more are part of the beauty market that is vital to self-care. Also, the pandemic is changing the way new brand stories find their way to clients. They’re getting to know new products from the comfort of their own homes. Adapting to client needs, beauty brands are offering as stylish packaging as ever. 

These are seven of the latest trends in the packaging in the beauty industry that is taking over the world.

Text in large font

A large text focus on the packaging makes it easy to send a clear message. The majority of the time, when you want to grab the attention of your clients, you may use a bold, sans-serif font. Also, a serious or creative message usually goes along with this product to keep them interested. Packaging for skincare and cosmetics would benefit from this when there are many elements, yet one main point needs to stand out.

A minimal approach

Brands are using bright colors with simple designs as bright colors are invading everywhere. This year, brands are shaking things up by using soft palettes along with minimalist designs. A packaging design that uses less is always a better design. While creativity is important, it can also be overdone at times. It should be simple and clean. An easy-to-use and simple packaging is ideal. It is likely that clients will get angry if the packaging is difficult to open. Simple but effective packaging is possible with custom boxes that are flexible. Think about these questions if you find that your design is becoming more complex:

  • How does this product work?
  • Does a brand own it?

You will get your focus back once you answer these questions. In addition to being eco-friendly, simple packaging can also emphasize a strong brand voice.

Packages with pastel colors

Packaging designs with pastels are becoming more soothing and feminine. The packaging uses bright, striking hues that speak to our softer side. Packaging in pastel colors makes the product feel cozy and inviting. When browsing beauty skincare labels, clients take their time but ease into it.

Providing a glimpse into packaging

The beauty industry is not the only one utilizing a trend. Custom Cosmetic packaging is one of the best ways to display products. Also, it conveys trust and clarity via the use of metaphor. Purchases, especially new products, are even more enjoyable for buyers. Almost transparent packaging makes it easier for users to compare foundation and concealer to their skin tones. They expect higher quality from your sneak previews. In addition, people are aware of how misleading marketing can be. Packing that reveals your promise makes you more likely to keep it.

An Artistic Approach to Packaging or making doodles

The CPG clutter is relentless, and marketers and agencies trudge through it. The scroll era makes it more difficult to keep clients’ attention and create a lasting impression. Also, a growing trend in beauty boxes is art-like packaging. The founding story, activism efforts, and even future hints appear in the artwork, like symbols, illusions, and hidden elements. 

A smarter consumer is on the rise. Buying from whomever they choose is more up to them. Also, a new generation of packaging is emerging that goes beyond traditional packaging. Telling stories about their brand or company reveals a lot about it. Brands must know how they conduct business if they want to match this trend. Smart brands will take benefit of this both on the shelves and online – to enhance their power. Also, it conveys energy and evokes childhood memories for adults when drawing-based designs are present. An exciting doodle can make clients smile by describing an item in an imaginative manner.

Using an airless package

Let’s talk about natural ingredients, which have an impact on unique beauty packaging as well as external factors. The ingredient list is more vital than ever to clients, from their pantries to their bathrooms. The purpose of airless packaging is more functional than it is aesthetic. It offers preservation benefits to products that contain vitamins or natural ingredients. Also, little to no waste is evident from some airless packaging. You often see stylish little tubes on the shelves of beauty stores. It does not matter what product or packaging the client chooses. They feel like they got a stylish little package. 

Design with a flat aesthetic

There are 2D flat designs that do not use shading, glare, highlights, or added details to create the illusion of 3D images. Also, multitasking is one of its goals: 

  • Keep it simple.
  • Hold the attention of the reader
  • Quickly convey details. 

It is for these reasons that Custom Cosmetic packaging is often used by small businesses. A designer will find it flexible, yet users will find it easy to use and fun. Despite its beauty industry focus, this trend has a broader reach. Flat design is known to clients and related to easier-to-use products. 

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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