Different Types of Box Inserts in Custom Packaging

James Clark March 7, 2023

Packaging is one of the most powerful marketing tools that you can use to market your business effectively. While the box is an important consideration for your packaging needs, many other factors must be considered.

As simple and insignificant as it might seem, incorporating box inserts into your packaging may be the cherry on your branding, adding the perfect finishing touch and enhancing the customer experience. Custom box Inserts are an essential component of packaging that should be noticed.

They provide a secure way to keep products in place, protect them from damage during transit, and add additional branding elements. The unboxing experience can be elevated by combining a rigid box with a custom box insert. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of box inserts and explain which one is right for you.

1. Cardboard Dividers

Cardboard dividers are a popular choice when it comes to personalized box inserts. They are cost-effective, sturdy, and easily tailored to fit any box. Furthermore can be used to separate products and organize them within a single box, making the packaging process faster and more efficient.

Additionally, cardboard inserts provide an extra layer of protection for delicate items, helping ensure that your products reach their destination in perfect condition.

They can also be customized with your company logo or brand name for an added touch of professionalism and personalization. You can also opt for custom box inserts designed according to your specifications for more specialized requirements.

2. Foam

Custom foam inserts are a great way to provide extra product protection during shipping and storage. Foam is extremely durable and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for protecting fragile items.

It provides cushioning and support to reduce the risk of breakage or damage caused by impact or vibration during transit. Foam inserts can be custom-cut in any size or shape to fit your needs, making them perfect for various delicate items such as electronics, glassware, antiques, and other fragile objects.

You can use these inserts as padding between the box and the product to provide additional protection against shock or vibration. Also, help to keep contents in place during transport and storage, ensuring that items remain intact even when the box is shaken or moved.

Foam is an affordable and reliable insert option that offers superior protection and support for delicate items. With custom foam inserts, you can ensure that your items arrive safely and securely, no matter how far they travel.

3. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap packaging insert is perfect for products that need a soft, cushiony barrier between them and other items in the box. This is especially important for fragile products that could be damaged easily without a protective barrier.

The bubble wrap creates small air pockets that act as shock absorbers, preventing products from shifting during transport and protecting them from bumps or jolts.

It is also beneficial to use bubble wrap in a box to help keep delicate items such as jewelry and electronic devices secure. You can use bubble wrap to separate multiple items, ensuring they stay secure and safe during transit.

4. Corrugated Board

Due to its strong and durable properties, a corrugated board is a popular choice for custom box inserts and dividers. Corrugated inserts have ridges and creases that allow them to bend and flex without breaking, making them perfect for protecting products inside packaging. It’s also lightweight and cost-effective, making it ideal for various product types.

The corrugated board structure provides strength and cushioning to products while they’re being shipped and transported. You can customize it with various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses to fit any product. It can also be printed with logos or branding to create an attractive design or to provide additional information on the packaging.

It is one of the most versatile inserts solution for your product packaging. It’s strong enough to protect products from being damaged during transport, is lightweight, and is cost-effective. Whether you are looking for a custom solution for individual products or need many inserts for bulk orders, a corrugated board is ideal.

5. Promotional Inserts

Promotional box inserts can be a great way to communicate with your customers and promote your product. Using custom inserts, you can add:

  • Coupons
  • Postcards
  • Thank you cards
  • Discount cards

They can advertise promotions, offers, discounts, and special products. Furthermore, you can use these inserts to educate your customers about your company and products. They are an excellent way to build brand loyalty and customer trust.

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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