Various Styles of Reverse Tuck Boxes You Should Take into Consideration

James Clark January 27, 2021

For any retail business these days, custom printed packaging is a required feature. It gives a pleasant customer experience along with the safety and security of the product. Almost every industry including food, clothes, shoemaking, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and electronics requires a decent packaging solution for their goods. Every year, luxury brands spend a large amount of money on their packaging solutions. That is what makes them among their clients influential and reliable.

Reverse tuck boxes:

Reverse tuck boxes are the most commonly used packaging solution worldwide. Tuck boxes can be made from cardboard stock, rigid stock, and kraft stock from almost any stock available. Reverse Tuck end box wrapping arrives in the reverse direction with either the top and bottom swing attachment boards, bending the bottom to the front edge, and bending the top side to the backside. These custom tuck top boxes are possible to access and close and are suitable for use in multiple industries, such as food, drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Styles of Reverse tuck end boxes:

Depending on the need for your product, reverse tuck boxes come in many types and sizes and are also available in all sizes. It has several styles and some of the common forms are due to the design of its packaging.

White Reverse Tuck end-boxes:

The white reverse tuck end boxes are ideal for the lowest cost possible for the safety of small, lightweight objects. For perfect locking, the reverse tuck boxes have tab locks. These boxes need less space, are powerful on the coast, and easy to assemble as well. They have the perfect packaging style that will match your brand.

These custom boxes are available in a stylish white carton. But as packaging plays a crucial role in the promotion and marketing of the product, you should finish according to your product design.

Tuck Top Snap Bottom:

The Tuck top snap bottom, also regarded as the bottom box of 1 2 3, has four snapping and locking flaps from the lower part, the key advantage of this tuck box. This form of tuck top boxes and cost-effective, but it can take more time to assemble. It has a better bottom due to its style and can be used for heavy product packaging.

Tuck Top Auto Bottom:

The tuck top auto bottom has some unique features. For speed packing, this tuck box is made. For quick and easy packing, the top fold tucks into the box’s rear edge, and the underside of the box folding immediately. These boxes come with a pre-glued packaging style with no glue or tape necessary. These tuck boxes can be crafted of cardboard. For your product, you can pick which form of cardboard you like. Normal white or premium white or premium white with craft material gloss ink finish for your product to look classic.

Straight tuck end box:

The straight tuck end box also recognizes that STE is adaptable, easy to install, and provides your product with a luxurious look. Both the top and bottom lids are tucked back to back, while the product is displayed clearly on the front of the package. The most common use of these custom boxes material is paperboard and corrugated fiberboard. You can customize your packaging with your company logo and appropriate text for your product.  Straight tuck end boxes come with no glue or tape needed for packing, pre-glued. These boxes are efficient from the coast and provide your product with durability and protection.

Tuck top mailer boxes:

Tuck top mailer boxes are the key priority for businesses for their durability and security. Send your items safely and securely with top white tuck mailer boxes. Such boxes have a strong stock of corrugated cardboard and a suitable one-piece tab lock design and die-cut edges. These Tuck top mailer boxes fold to build a dense sidewall for safety and defense. These mailer boxes come in different sizes and types, a great fit for custom packaging suppliers.

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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