What Packaging is Best for Soap?

James Clark June 16, 2022

There is no doubt at all that soap is one of the cheaper household items to purchase. Therefore, it’s unique to choose a small skincare item – picking the smell, the features, and even the colors. But, the first thing most shoppers look at will be the packaging. In this article, we will examine the best options to package bar soap to increase your clients’ willingness to purchase it. 

The Most Common Option: Boxes

There are several benefits of soap boxes, including that they are the most common packaging of soap. There is plenty of room on soap packaging boxes to include details about the product. Secondly, they are highly flexible, so they make a great branding tool.

Moreover, they are also 100% eco-friendly. So you can make a great green product. As the best packaging for bar soap, it shouldn’t be a surprise they’re on the list. We will examine the assets of the two main types of boxes.

Closed Boxes

Bar soap comes in closed boxes for retail use. Besides Kraft paper, regular white cardboard can also be used for making soap boxes, and there are some closure options to choose the best one. There are the following options that are the most popular:

  • Direct tuck boxes – These boxes have flaps that tuck tightly against their core.
  • Flip-top tuck boxes – folds in two directions when one flap is lifted, and the other folded the other way around.
  • Boxes with lock bottoms – In the bottom of the box, two flaps lock together to create a seal.
  • Crash bottom boxes – The base is locked in place by pushing the opposing flaps towards each other.
  • Boxes with a tuck top – They have a top closure with a small flap on the edge of the top that slides into it.
  • Boxes with two pieces – This type of box contains a tray on the bottom and a top lid.

Benefits and Downsides of Closed Box Packaging of Soap

  • One of the main benefits of closed boxes is their ability to provide the best defense of products. A larger surface area for content allows for multiple design options.
  • Generally, this type of soap packaging does not have any notable cons. Only the customer will be unable to see or smell the product, which is one of the main points.

A Custom Soap Box – With Cutouts or Display Windows

The use of cutouts or clear PVC inserts allows for products to stand out in these other types of soap boxes. The boxes work great if the soap is a bright color and you would like people to see how it looks, making them a great choice. Some of the cut-out areas of the boxes are open to the air as they are out in the open.

This would allow them to smell the soap scent and see it. However, windows with PVC allow you to showcase your product in a way that still provides you with protection from adverse weather. When creating a window or cut-out, you can use an oval, round, rectangular, or other custom shapes. In terms of the overall design, this may play a key role in enhancing shelf presence.

Benefits and Downsides of Display Box Packaging of Soap

  • Display boxes offer the client a brand experience by giving the chance to see, touch, and odor the product, which plays a pivotal role in its design.
  • It is hard to find any notable flaws in the design of a bar soap package of this type. This packaging ideas for soap may require a specific climate for storage, which could be one of its downsides.

Bar Soap Wrapped In A Band – Minimal Packaging For Bar Soap

Wrap-around bands allow you to package soap. They are also called cigar bands or belly bands. In the latter case, the bands function as a way to create a place to brand. Packing sleeves allow you to print a logo and other details on top of the band. It can also serve as a label on the product.

Benefits and Downsides of Wrap-Around Bands Packaging Of Soap

  • The main benefits of wrapping a soap are not only its low cost and its ability to allow your brand to shine while retaining all the features of your product, including its color.
  • As for the cons, it is crucial to note first of all that soap does not have any safety at all, meaning that it has to be kept in a specific place.

Packs of Colored or Transparent Paper – Simple Packaging For Bar Soap

Furthermore, you could use paper or pouches to keep things simple. You only need to do something as simple as putting the soap inside the pouch or wrapping it with a piece of paper. There are many color schemes, textures, and patterns to choose from.

You will have to make do since the labels won’t fit. There is, however, still a way to do this. The label of the soap that expands with all the information you want to provide will allow you to do this.

Benefits and Downsides of Paper or Pouches Packaging Of Soap

  • One of the main benefits of using paper as a wrapping material is that it is inexpensive and eco-friendly. This approach is best when brands focus on natural products and green practices. The pouches, by contrast, are more customizable and offer better protection.
  • One of the cons of paper packaging is that it may wet and dampen or fade the package as time goes on. As well as that, there will be little room for branding. Choosing a pouch has its cons, and one of them is that it may not be as eco-friendly.

Packaging Options For Bar Soaps That Work For Your Brand

Packaging options for your soap do not have to be universal. They will depend on what you’re selling. How you want to present the brand, how you will do that, and how you will store it. The product must appear in its ideal setting on the shelf. Additionally, a design that catches the eye is also vital to get more sales with soap boxes.

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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