6 Attractive Colors Combination for Custom Rigid Box

James Clark June 24, 2022

It is a strategic approach to building your brand’s strength by integrating contrasting color schemes into your rigid boxes. It is well known that marketers study how colors can affect a client’s mood, attitude, and feelings.

Research from these surveys has given brands the ability to make a color-related claim about their products and to entice people to buy them. It makes choosing the right color for packaging an incredibly critical decision. After all, they help the consumer to associate your brand with certain products. 

How Does Color Effect Your Business?

There may be a question about which branding color is best to pick to design a cardboard box and which kind of material we used for boxes? Research shows that most people respond best to images. Your color scheme can make a difference to the total sales of your item.

These are the colors used in the adverts of brands to make them easy to identify. Because of this, you must decide what color packaging you should use. And also, gift boxes is the most selling product in rigid packaging.

Do not change the color scheme of your packaging unless you need to. A great way to engage people is to tweak the shades and sizes of colors already evident in your logo. The following are some colors that make your product stand out when you combine them with contrasting designs.

Rigid Cases in Pink and Raisins

This box design from luxury rigid cases is a perfect example of how the colors pink and raisin work together to create a bold combined look. Packages like this convey a statement and give a feeling of vibrant energy. It’s an effective way of separating it from the crowd. If you want to create a contrast in the packaging design, you can choose a lighter shade of pink.

If you provide female-oriented products, pastel pinks and raisin colors work well. However, deeper pinks and raisin colors convey elegance and strength. Color schemes like this are better suited to appeal to men as a target segment of the market. Thus, if you choose light pink and raisin-colored shades, think about who you are designing for. Then you can relate to people’s feelings more accurately and can cater to their needs much better than before.

Boxes in Hues of Brown and Pink

The color pink is calming, serene, and relaxing. In addition, it is a mark of kindness, honesty, grace, luxury, and pride. In the design of custom rigid cases, using different shades of pink adds depth and motion. Also, the shade of pale pink and brown gives the packaging an air of dignity and contrast.

However, they create an illusion of wealth before the eyes of their captives. When you make use of this contrast color scheme in the box design, you can brand your products with luxury and premium vibes. The fusion of colors is another way to make a brand more visible. Advantages of the rigid box can become more visible in the field by tying into the parent brand theme.


The four ink colors below are often kept in mind when choosing an overall rigid case design. The choice of colors will give you the box look and feel you prefer. If they are used alone, the entire combo will produce an appealing, vibrant, sleek, and modern look.

Also, you can create any color you want when you mix them to make them match your brand color scheme. So, put a mix of these color schemes on your boxes to give them a modern touch. But, remember to combine different shades in a way that is minimalistic in its approach. Otherwise, you may end up with a color scheme that isn’t in line with the overall theme of your branding campaign.

The Colors Charcoal, Gold, and Gray Are Classic

Your packaging design will stand out more on retail shelves when you use these bold colors. Customers who explore the shelves when they are in a shop look for items that grab their eye right away. With this contrast, the target audience can focus solely on the design.

The rigid boxes always use for luxury packaging, which adds to the premium look by the way the unique details of the product stand out. The color of the box conveys natural beauty and joy, and it also has a gold hue. The design gains maturity and depth by pairing two shades of gray and black. Your retail items are worth buying, as this conveys a signal that they will last a long time.

Boxes in Black And White

You may not think it is a good idea to design your packaging in only two colors at first. While the target audience may find a black-and-white color scheme dull, they do not look bored with the color scheme. They add a sense of delight to the rigid case design that is hard not to notice.

Those add to the premium feel of the box. They maintain the most trending styles from start to finish. Also, this shows your products are in line with what customers are looking for today. This color scheme typically goes with luxury brands and premium products. Your brand’s products are likely to fetch higher prices as well.

The Mustard and Black Colors Are Stunning Together

It gives me a sense of modernity and ease of use in this box design with its blend of colors. As a cultural term, the word refers to indicate that danger is present. Thus, it is ideal for custom printing designs for your products, such as alerts or warnings to your clients about retail items. Detailed information is given to the target audience in a way that catches the ear of the audience and informs them.

A number of brands use similar color schemes for their packaging. It allows them to denote their products’ specific details. The right and different types of color contrast can offer a variety of results. Most importantly, it will help elevate your product’s perception in the target market, making it more visible and attractive to buyers.

Check out the color combos above to decide what would work best for the brand. At the same time, the branding will still be cohesive and in line with yours. Make sure you keep an eye on the overall brand theme and your goal.

James Clark

James is a senior editor, expert in the packaging industry. With a keen eye for detail and industry expertise, he crafts engaging narratives that explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and sustainability.


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