What you should know before ordering your custom printed boxes online

Daniel Novosel January 18, 2020

This blog post will help you to understand all the basic and important things that you should know before ordering your custom printed boxes online. Please read the post carefully and if you don’t understand anything, don’t hesitate to content us via email or phone call.

What type of packaging style should you consider for your products?

Before ordering your first product packaging boxes, you should know the style of the boxes that would be best for your products.

Most famous and widely used style is tuck top, but you can not use tuck top boxes for packing all types of products.

Like for packing shoes, lid off boxes style is best.

You must understand that what style of boxes would be best for you product. If you are a newbie and don’t know the styles, then the easiest way is to see what style your competitors are using for their product.

Example 1: If you are selling candles, then go to Google search and type custom candle boxes. You will see a lot of  candle packaging boxes with different styles, sizes and colors. This will give you a good understanding of what style you should use for your packaging boxes.

Example 2: The best way is to enter a market and explore the packaging boxes of products that are similar to your product. I prefer this approach because you can feel the boxes in your hand. In packaging and printing market style, size, and color are not enough to make the most attractive boxes. Beside style, size and color, boxes material, lamination, foiling, embossing, and other useful features come that you can apply to enhance your custom boxes.

Believe me, understanding the materials and other useful add-ons in not very easy. So if you have the boxes in your hand, you can easily see and feel the material, lamination, foiling and all the other add-ons.

Or if you are still confused, feel free to contact our customer services and our sales representative will guide you through the whole process.

What are the measurements of your custom printed boxes?

Before ordering your first product packaging boxes, you should know the measurements of the boxes that would be best for your products. Measurements should be like Height, Width, length. If you don’t know the measurements for the boxes, then consider measuring your product first.

How to measure your product before ordering custom printed boxes?

You can mention your measurements in inchescentimeters & millimeters.

If you don’t know how to measure your product, then place your product on a flat surface like table and measure with the scale or measuring tape.

First measure the product from left to right then measure it from front to back after that measure it from top to bottom.

  • Left to right measurement will be its Width.
  • Front to back will be its Depth/Length.
  • Top to bottom will be its Height.

What are the colors of your custom printed boxes?

Colors are very important for packaging boxes. You should know exactly how many colors are going to be printed on your custom printed boxes, like if it’s going to be one color, two colors, three colors, four colors or full color printing.

Always mention your colors in PantoneRGB or Hex values. Feel free to contact us if you have any concern about the packaging boxes colors.

Quantity of custom packaging boxes?

Before ordering your first product packaging boxes, you should know exactly how many custom printed boxes you need for your products.

If you have off the shelf (taken from existing stock or supplies) products then we recommend to count your products and and order packaging boxes a little more than the quantity of the products.

If your products are taylor made (made or fitted especially for a particular product), then we recommend ordering quantity according to your avg yearly/monthly sales.

Stock or Material of the Custom Packaging Boxes

Material of your product packaging boxes is very important. 

If you products are fragile (not strong or sturdy) then we recommend hard and sturdy material like Rigid Stock or Corrugated Stock.

Rigid boxes are mostly used for luxury product packaging.

Corrugated boxes are mostly used to ship products from one place to another.

If you products are non-fragile (not strong or sturdy) then we recommend the most famous and commonly used Cardboard stock & sometimes Kraft Stock.

Cardboard boxes are the most famous type of boxes, almost used for packing anything.

Kraft stock is mostly used to make envelopes kraft bags and pillow boxes.

Design of the boxes

Don’t design the custom boxes yourself, if you have no previous experience in designing custom packaging. Let the custom packaging design expert make the design for you.

Mostly packaging companies offer free design support and even make a free 3D Mockup of the boxes. 

Add-ons or additional options

To best present your product packaging boxes & to make them stand out on the shelf, you should add some add-ons on your custom boxes. These add-ons gives your packaging boxes an extra sparkle.

Budget for the custom boxes

Do you work on the budget and always tell the packaging company your budget. This way they can offer you the best solutions for your packaging boxes without even compromising the quality of boxes.

Turnaround Time

It’s very important to mention the deadline when you need custom packaging boxes.

Mostly printing companies take 3 to 5 business days for box printing and 3 to 4 business days for shipping them.

It’s better to give the printing company more time so they won’t compromise on quality of the boxes, just because you need them early.

If you need them on urgent basis they can offer you expedite shipping services as well but it will cost you more.

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